Local Eats - Lunching @ Mother Dough @ Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thursday 2nd March

We've been here for a couple months though have never dined on the main street till now. Being a small town everything is expensive, and $15 for lunch is the norm, you won't find any $10 eats here.

Recently Mother Dough started a lunch deal $15 lunch box, and so it was the perfect time to try it. I'd have major dental surgery in March, so last chance for a long time. 

Some of the other lunch specials in town:

  • Double 00 $5 slices // 2 slices w drink $10
  • Oshi $10 unknown offer and a $13 bento (closed since)
  • Charcoal chicken - Wed. Free chips with burger/wrap. Though a neighbor worked here and said don't do it, it's oily.

The Lunch Offer // There's a salad offer too.

A brand I've never seen before, apple and peach tastes more than apricot with an apple base, tastes like summer! I absolutely love it!! You can buy this for $1 from the NQR in Ashburton (but know that most of their good are iffy).

We had a huge toasted panni with cured beef, rocket roma tomato, parmigiano, EVO and fior fi latte mozzarella. A bit dry but nothing a drink couldn't fix. It was crunchier than I prefer but you could ask for it to be less toasted. The size was huge!!

With the lunch box came a pear (yes! not another apple) and drink (see above).

It's a pretty good deal, an adult lunch box, as it was a bottle of juice and not a just juice barely fruit juice juice box. Recommended? Yes! I'd get another panni too though probably bring it home add a salad and get serve two. That juice I'd definitely get again.

Service was fast and friendly, she took the time to explain the offer too. 
There's salad or panni for the lunch offer.

Monday 20th March

*click to enlarge* 

$15 Lunch at Mother Dough. There's pizza, pannis, pasta and salads on offer for $15 during lunch. A selected range of pannis and salads you could get as a lunch box deal with a drink and fruit too!

Last time we had the too crunchy panni this time we had the mussel & cherry tomato linguine. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic. The mussels were fresh and juicy, average sizes, while the pasta was a bit chewier than I prefer, but fine apart from being too salty for me. 

Next time I'd ask for less salt when ordering pasta. Other than that it was quite good, though it's not a must eat dish, like Saturday's lunch. 

Service was quick and friendly as always. 

Later on we'd come back and try all the pizzas! Check out that post here.

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