A Week of Bad Shows Mainly... @ Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Monday 18th September

The week starts off with dinner invitations to Zesty's! We do love pizza and this one's our favourite local place, just up the road. They're a groupon classic and cater for everyone.


On my way out I was grabbing a drink from the fridge when a box of raw fish and some liquid in a jug exploded on me!! ... had to shower again as I smelt very fishy.

Lunch fortunately was not fish. Through Mealpal we ordered a green wrap and drink for $8 from Bon, flinders east past the forum. A grab and go deal was perfect. There was a large selection of ... from the fridge with a vibrant mural on the opposite wall, and a plant wall at the back. Perfect for photos which we took plenty of.

Chilling at 'The Nook'. Young people are hooligans, or at least the community college gang around me saying this is the perfect spot to smoke pot... We got a great quote showing exactly why I'm not a teacher. Other than the lack of respect and idea that school gets in the way of life. As an academic I really can't agree.

I have an inkling that this is the wrong picture... same food, wrong show.

Dinner a quick dash to mex before a show. Epically failed to read t&cs!! $12 damage.
Saw a show, it was good but nothing I'd recommend. I didn't even take notes on what the name was...


Lunch at/from Belleville! I've been to an event here, one where jas arrived at the end time... and the chicken was great, so we were delighted to be back. Through Mealpal we ordered the 1/4 chicken with asian slaw for $8.

Turns out if you order through MealPal, it's only takeaway? Or maybe just here, because it's a restaurant rather than a food court? I'm not sure, but I wasn't welcome to dine in. Service was indifferent, and they weren't busy at that point. But at least he wasn't too hostile. 

Went out to Kew to pick stuff up, found a goodwill along the way! Plates and cups for a couple doors, this is the place to go for a starter mix and match kit. We bought two blue plates and some books for $6. O.O At the red shops books are $5.25 each. The books I bought were $1-2 and one was the Masterchef book. I also bought a starter kitchen book XD. 

Back to the city for lunch, takeaway from MadMex, it was good as expected. $10 via groupon, only valid till 5pm though, that's the catch. 

Saw a show at the Butterfly Club, it was ok. As long as I didn't feel like I lost an hour. 

Then a second show, Ravel! Perfectly timed nap during the modern piece featuring a lot of percussion (which woke me). But Mozart 34 was beautiful. 

I believe the very best service you can get is at the music halls and hotels, as we've never had a bad experience at the music halls, till now. And his name is Fred. We arrived at the theatre early and dropped off my bag in the cloakroom, and went to dinner, came back cause I forgot my ticket, he gave me the bag, I got the ticket then he f**king applauded me?! This sounds like my father congratulating me on being the idiot who forgot my ticket at home when we were at the venue. WTF Fred?
And it wasn't just me, he wasn't very friendly to anyone. He was quite hostile and rushed people as if he was the one rushing to go home. None of the other ushers at the cloakroom behaved like that. One of the other girls said to ignore him, he's always like that.


The day started at 3pm, we timed it so so that we would be alive for work. Unexpectedly spoke to H, then had a lesson, slowing down too late. I'm on my C game today :( Any interaction with H affects my performance. We asked him about the blue tack.


Another evening another show, acrobatics with balloon animals and prose - and I don't recall what it was called. I liked it more than the other two shows we've seen through they were cabaret. Met a guy who reminded me of the last house mom (who was pretty cool till he became awful). We liked him. After work we saw 'Can't Face' which was not really our thing...

Drinks at the bar! Loving these disco balls. Don't tell anyone we reuse the straws!


One day four shows. Only one was good, I want a refund on my time. The first show was a recital. The second I don't even recall what it was called, something about fighting labels (I really don't care). Tessa waters. Checked the time three times. Eek. I want my hour back...
Offer to see both later in the week. Developing on stage. Can I get an amen? Nope. It was weird and kinda depressing. Glad to say only the fringe festival does anything go.

At some point we saw Arj Barker's Keeper-or-crapper which was hilarious, the best show we saw at the fringe this year. There was a lack of comedy.

As they weren't busy night we also saw 'The Dressmaker' movie after finishing the book for a comparison review. It's not often that the book is terrible and movie much better, though it more about the fashion than anything.

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