Durian Egg Waffles @ Pufflets @ Sunday, November 19, 2017

Friday 6th October

During the Lantern Festival at Crown we came across Pufflets with a durian stall! Everything was tempting though we settled on the ice cream and egg waffle *couldn't resist!* Oh the discount on the menu is if you like them on fb.

50 Shades of Durian $14-ish
By Pufflets on Therry St
Egg waffles with durian cream and gelato, wafer cubes, cornflakes and puree!
It was very nice, though all about the food porn. If I wasn't taking a picture I'd just get the durian ice cream for $5. Those wafer cubes are gross! Fake durian or durian flavour tastes and smells like a gas leak!! So in all the wafers ruined the entire thing. Don't get this!! Why would you go to so much effort to use the good durian only to pair it with 'gas leak durian'?

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