Festival Life After Six @ Sunday, November 12, 2017

Monday 25th September

The day started with lunch from Little Brother, on Lt Collins the unexplored west side.

At Acmi we saw 'Howl's Moving Castle', my favourite Ghibli creation. Before running across the square to an induction for the next festival. Thanks for the donut, a stunning galaxy to promote the latest Samsung Galaxy.

Dinner was suggested and cut down by me XD Till we stumbled upon 'Seoul Soul' on my list, we came across it while having adventures (for me, not him) XD with H, but have yet to return till now. 


It took almost 2.5 to get from home to the theatre tonight. Missed my tram as it was packed, next one was 20mins (yes during peak), also packed. I'm missing my show!! 40 mins... Headed towards the first stop (in the opposite direction to the venue) to get on that next tram. It was faster to get to the city from the end of the line than from Melbourne Central to North Melb Town Hall. This is why we don't like leaving the city...

Tonight we saw...arj-barker-keeper-or-crapper/ He was dying from the a cold, but he was hilarious! One of my favorites was 'He cuts down his father's apple tree. What he does next will amaze you.' 5pgs turns into 50 pages, double spaced with ads in the middle. From a paper on Washington to something young people would read XD

It is very true that while technology overall is great and makes life easier, it makes us worse people e.g. patience, wanting it here and now

kosher-bacon/ I only saw part of it, but it was funny and jewish. Deemed to be worth $7 though not more than that.  

birds-on-sticks/ Funny, with no ending?? I liked it but don't know how it was sold out on multiple nights... We miss Sammy & Randy.


Chicken Burger from Purple Peanuts
chicken, soy sauce, sake, sesame seeds, ginger, 
turkish bread, miso maple sauce, mixed greens

The day started with lunch from Purple Peanuts. It was pretty good but missing somethong, a tangyness, a stroger dressing and more salad perhaps?

Shopping! Another scrapbook from Typo and some craft stuff from Kaiser. Pretty much the entire afternoon was spent there, getting new ideas. Eventually we were done! Starbucks gave me the wrong order which I didn't realize till too late, there goes $6. Saw a show, it was modern, I'm not so didn't know any of the songs. Jas failed to turn up. 

Ramen dinner, they've given up on presentation. Sent to the singles' bar, it was a cold spot... The ramen was just as good as I recall though they've given up on presentation.


Goodbye Nucky Thompson (Boardwalk Empire)

After five seasons, ending with the perfect death of Nucky Thompson Boardwalk Empire is over. His role was fading out as the new group of Italian mobsters rolled in. Everyone except the Italians were killed off. Chalky never got his revenge of the evil Dr, instead giving up his life for Daughter's freedom. Margaret is taking care of herself and her children, a strong independent woman much like Gillian. Gillian lost everything though, they got her in the end, a tragic life and ending. I was really hoping Nucky would save her. As they've known each other since he was a deputy under the Evil Commandore. The act of ultimate betrayal of a trusting child. Her story was the most tragic.

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