Revisiting Favourites - Green Refectory @ Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sunday 8th October

The Green Refectory has always been a favourite place of ours to visit when up North. In fact I've been there at 6.55am waiting for it to open before, our first night up North I forgot my key and slept at the office, having breakfast here before returning to our temporary "home" near the Meat Market.

It's a great place for cake and pastries, main? Freud screams and runs, for there have been a couple hairs in his dish during our last visit together and he'll never be the same. At another favourite place of ours Lola and I found many eyelashes... But on taste notes it has been generous servings of flavourless slop. 

Enter and the first thing you'll see is towers upon towers of muffins, and plenty from yesterday today labeled as 'lonely hearts' they're $2 and taste the same, at the counter. If you're lucky you'll find $2 slices of yesterday's cake (if you're lucky they didn't sell out) too. We'd visit very often if we lived closer.

One of our favourites cakes, and indeed Lucy's is the HUGE strawberry sponge. 

Running late we stopped by for a very quick lunch. It was packed with a line to the back at 1pm. Salads, parties and well everything is being ordered. There's almost a line, steady though only crazy during lunch.

The spinach & ricotta triangle was so flaky and beautiful that I need another at $2.40 and to return for pie! - I'm not sure why I wanted pie at the time, but fear of mains was there.

The salads, who could order a salad when the pastries sat beside them?

Back at 3.45pm for lunder, not so packed this time.

Breakfast Stack with Mushroom (Instead of bacon) $13

Wow that was huge! Very filling too, not brunch size unlike well brunch yesterday. This is a meal not an entree! The waitress said all the food is real portions* lol my wording.

It was very good though basic, needs more tomato relish, also the egg was a minute over, so no yolk porn nor yolk dip. The tomato was hot while mushrooms were lukewarm... though tomato does retain more water and therefore heat better? 

A balsamic vinegar drizzle (with the mushrooms) and perhaps sprinkling of walnuts would take this up to the next level.

Very generous serving, especially as the mushrooms were meant to be bacon. She didn't pause and say they can take out the bacon but, mushrooms are an add on as I'd expected, which was awesome. 

Serves one who got up at 10am, snacked her way till a 4pm lunch was hungry but not starving or hangry toddler mode.

Simple deco with plants and textured wooden tables.

We have to get the pavlova ($5.20), as it was the last slice and therefore meant to be. We're sharing it with jas because the last time I refused to share (yes pav then too) we went into a food coma (that or we were drugged in a cafe). XD It as perfect as always and like no order with 50% being cream and the other pav, with strawberries, kiwi and passionfruit on top. Should mention it is actually much bigger than the picture shows.

The Backyard

Our favourite cake shop, mains are great for the price, fairly average in taste. It's always busy, and sadly still cash only. The cheapest and best cake shop, you could get an entire cake (serves like 20) for $30-40. We always stop by when in the area.

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