High Tea @ By Josephine @ Sunday, September 16, 2018

Saturday 17th March 2018

One of the many places we've got on the high tea list is 'By Josephine' up North. A food blogger introduced me to this place when we met at LuxBite years ago. I've been here once since in 2016 for a meeting, we had the soup which was great and tiny 20c sized macarons and now we're back for high tea! For the occasion of my belated birthday weekend. 

The place has never changed since our first visit. 

Raspberry Mint Iced Tea

As it was summer (and parking was a struggle, we parked far away) we were offered a cool refreshing housemade raspberry mint iced team, very lightly sweetened. Jas would have liked a hot tea too. 

I do love quiche and soup! Starting with the bottom tier we had a warm quiche and shot of that delicious zuchini cumin soup with a puff (Cheese Gougère) which was a savory profiterole w herbs.

There was also a chicken dijon mustard lettuce brioche (Chicken & Tarragon Pain au lait), which was so small but delicious! We didn't get an actual menu, so I'm looking it up and matching it up to the menu as I'm writing this.

Rose & Raspberry Tea Cake - Jas absolutely loved this and said it was absolutely amazing. It was pretty good, fluffy sponge and moist. Reminds me of a our pandan chiffon but a few grams heavier.

Passionfruit & Blueberry Tarts - The filling was a bit runny.

Tiramisu & Macarons - Chocolate, Raspberry and Rosewater

Rosewater Meringue & More Macarons: jasmine tea, salted caramel & rose?

Some treats to bring home? Josephine makes her own salted caramel spread. 

So many treats!

Tarts, cakes & macarons.

Giant clouds of meringue!

Everything was delicious! High quality, no scones though but we love our macarons :P Jas absolutely loved the tea cake. It was differently one of our top 3 high tea experiences (Providence, Windsor & ?). I do wish we got to try a creme brulee though.

At $45 per person everything was delicious and we definitely recommend it! 

Where's your favourite place to go for high tea? 

We've been to well Josephine, Providence (my fav, closed), Runya's Rooms, Cafe Blush, The High Tea Party (worse one) and Rendezvous (our first). On the list is the Windsor ($75? - the most expensive one) and that tea room in the Royal Arcade (which I heard is average, and we know is a tourist place). We'd also love to be invited to tea, though that has yet to happen.

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