Quick Eats - Soul Origin @ Melbourne Central @ Tuesday, September 04, 2018

October 2017

A panni and salad bar in the corner by the escalator near McD at Melbourne Central, 2 for $10 end of the day deals, sometimes for 4 for $10 if you're lucky. the day sales start around 6pm. Pretty good deal if you're passing by on your way home. 

 This is their end of the day set up, normally they have names on each 
salad, think Sumo Salad (which was downstairs, but now is gone).

The salads, do ask for your dressing on the side, they often forget if you're getting takeaway. I found the pasta a bit floury. And salads are as filling as an entree.

My favourite salad is the thai style beef salad. Full of flavour and quite the contrast. 

The pannis are good, better warmed up with a sandwich press. Though the fillings don't go back all the way (if that makes sense) like the avocado there's only a bit at the front for show - like typical salad displays. Is it just for show? For the avocado and semi sun dried tomatoes it was. But the chicken breast, cheese and lettuce extended all the way. Tastes as expected, a good sauce would take it up a notch. 

Service is friendly, though the manager (asian guy) is very friendly. 

Oh and this review is for one up in the food court, not the one on the same level as Hungry Jacks and Coles. I think they have similar sales though. 

Pretty much this is a 'buy if it's on sale' and I'm short on time place, rather than 'let's grab a salad for dinner' place.

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