Local Eats - Kenji Japanese @ Sunday, November 04, 2018

Tuesday 21st November 

Dinner at Kenji in Burwood Arcade. Being in an arcade we've never seen this place and recalled friends recommending it when after local Japanese. 

Being Japanese expect small spaces (the exception being fine dinning). Bags on the floor or hanging off tables. It was completely full at one point tonight.

The front bit looks like a takeaway shop though there's a restaurant attached to it
It was warm and crowded. We need the air con.

Takoyaki $7.50
Perfectly creamy w squid in the middle. Most of the time it's shrimp

No 7. Sushi box raw $18

Wasabi in the nigrini, tempura was nice. A good mix of fresh and fried. On the fence about getting it again. Came with miso soup, not too salty

Green Tea Thickshake. Sm. $3

Wow that is thick! Wait for it to melt... not as strong as samurai but a good drink/dessert

Service was slow as it was busy but friendly
The total including tomorrow's lunch came to almost $40

Beef hayashi rice $12/cheaper takeaway 
It was good though nothing amazing, might get again.

Wed 31st Jan 2018

A quick dinner at Kenji.

Egg omelette sushi $3 - A bit light on seasoning and it was very pale...

Grilled beef curry $12 - Very good, the beef was tender and there was one piece of potato and carrot XD Good serving size. They don't have Beef hayashi rice on the menu anymore, so this is the recommended replacement. 

No bookings required for one, $15 card min. As a single diner we sat at the sushi bar. 

Week 12th March

Takeaway Teriyaki Chicken $10. A huge serving, it was very good. On par with DonDon I'd say. It's cheaper takeaway. Might get again.

Sadly we never ate at Kenji after that, not because of bad experiences or anything but because they were fined $25,000 for multiple Food Act breaches (October 10, 2017) second time in four years.

Kenji Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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