Brunching at Billy's Central @ Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sunday 10th Dec

Brunching at Billy's Central at Melbourne Central, we've been to the Flagstaff location and loved it! Last time we had a salad and huge cheesecake, both were amazing, so we've got high expectation.

There's a group of Billy's restaurants including central, courtyard and little Billy (huge venue at flagstaff).

The Big Breakfast $20
Grilled tomato, mushroom, beans, avo (instead of bacon and sausage), 
hash brow and eggs on toast, poached eggs  and rye please

The tomato and beans came together kinda like a salsa. Mushrooms were seasoned with something was very good, a bit salty to contrasts with most of the plate. Perfectly poached eggs, the only thing that could make this better is halloumi. All the ingredients provided a good range of texture and flavours, soft runny eggs, hard crunchy toast, avo. Not sure about the peppery rocket which was dry, needs a squeeze of lemon.

It was busy at 10.45 on a Sunday. How'd everyone get out of church so fast? O.o
The lady manager might have forgotten about me, she cleared a table but didn't wipe it. Leaving me hanging. So we sat at the high table, been way too close to the ground today. She's friendly, just busy.

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