The Bi-Annual Shop the City - December 2018 @ Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wednesday 6th Dec

-----------Shop the City
The Treasure Hunt
Christmas Art Launch x George Rose
The Sequin Station
Glitter Gift Grab

What a day! Being high on the musical last night I barely slept and crashed in the afternoon. Coffee doesn't make me feel good, feverish and like a zombie.

8.50am Treasure Hunt! Normally the line's much longer and sold out if you get there at the time we did. Though the prizes aren't as good this year. The best one was free laser tag (the one I didn't collect), a burger (yay! food) and Review $20 giftcard (only if you're a review fan). Over the years it has been going down, so I'm ok if we miss it.

Every December Sunny Life pops up and sells pool toys.  

There was no chance of winning the snapchat comp as the clue was reflective light on the ground, the floor said it wasn't the newly refurbished level, but that's all I got. $800 worth of candy.

First 50 in line got a makeup bag, well you had to come back next year to collect it which was odd, not an instant prize. There was a live art painting, and it would be made into makeup bags. That's pretty cool and costly! These are the events I love, the spend all the money parties. 

You got 15mins to get to the other side of the mall, buy a bag (on hold) then 7mins to go up 3 levels. 11am was the deadline, if you spent $50 before then you get a free breakfast. 

Next we made the mistake of going to lunch far from the center, and not getting there early... whoops. Had sushi, it was good but not amazing. Need to get the crispy chicken next time.

Down to the office, crashing...I had hope to keep going but we were also out of water...

Up at 6pm, Boost then up to the mall. Turns out you had to book for the flower workshop NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! no one told me... and of course it was sold out. I was hoping to do it in the evening, so I wouldn't have to carry it around all day. The lines for hot dogs were too long, so we skipped that. An hour lines are standard. 

Glitter Gift Grab! Have you seen that game where you're in a box with $$ flying all around you? This is it! 40min lines. .
Prizes are mainly 2 for 1 pancake parlour short stacks, plantation cookies. A girl won a t-shirt and I won a movie ticket! The biggest prize is a $50 gift voucher. .

Crazy dashes. Went to one Kikki K location, the calligrapher had moved onto the next location, so we went there but there were no cookies. The first location had cookies, the second custom gift tags. So we ran back to the first and got that cookie! Also a diary for next year (planned purchase).

The Body Shop Wheel, we got 15% off instead of merch. 
Ate a burger one the way, was good but not amazing.

Over to the bling/bejeweled station we bag tag bejeweled by @imakestagram. We thought doing the entire bag was overkill XD Only cause it's bigger than A4 though. I regret not bringing a plain notebook or something to bejewel. People did sunglasses (cheap ones) and a lot of clothing, one person got her asthma puffer bejeweled!

Last stop Emporium, for a toffee apple. By this time it was like 9pm and the lines was only 10mins long, yay! Though hot dogs were closed by then. It's ok.

Love these dresses on display! 

Absolute last stop before missing two trains and dropping by both supermarkets, was ice cream at Calia! Fior di latte, a light creamy quality vanilla. $4-something. I do love single serve tubs of vanilla ice cream. 

Crashing all the way home, we had a good time. Missed out on a few things, but had fun still. And I did it all my way - solo. 

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