December Delights! @ Saturday, December 15, 2018

Monday 11th December

Mondays are best with coffee, and sequins!

We got almost everything wrapped! The other stuff we haven't taken a photo of yet.
Look at all those colors! One of my favourite things about December is wrapping up all the gifts at the mall!

Lunch at Mr Bratwurst. Sausage places are rare these day.


Lunching at Nosh poke party bowl $14 . A fresh natural feel with blue and white tiles.
It was delish! More of a rice dish than salad.

After work we had a late lunch and so dinner was a grab and dash before a movie at Forest Hill. On a Tuesday only the entertainment level was still open and there wasn't a Pancake Parlour. So we went to TGI... before seeing Murder Aboard the Orient Express.


Lunching at Mason Dixon, before making a "quick" stop to pick up a scarf. Just pay postage next time, I didn't realize it was in a remote business park. Whoops.

Open Day at my potential college for next year, there are so many rooms! More than 50 on each floor, as it's not in the city and wide rather than tall. I miss the city and all its food already. It's a suburban place, with a caf - but do they offer a meal plan?

It's near Chadstone so we went there for dinner. 

Scrolled is now $9!!
Black majik. Coconut but coloured black with charcoal. Tastes just like coconut. 

Dinner from Rice Workshop as they were the only ones open by the time we were free for dinner. Juices from Juice Lab. at Sumo Salad. 

Grilled T. Salmon. 13.5
Basic but good. Needs more sauce


A long day starting with meetings, though we stopped for Ping's Dumplings on the way, they're as good as always. Though I think we need a salad soon...

After the meeting we were on our way to pick up dinner, at Sauced. The Napolitano at $14 is one of the cheapest things on the menu (expect to pay around $20 if you want meat). We upgraded for +$2 for the ravioli. A bit salty and bland, no herbs really. needs more for $16. Sauced is expensive! everything is an add on. Service was super friendly though. 

At some point we picked up a cookbook, I mightn't cook but I enjoy reading the descriptions. The shop played 20s-40s music.

A quick stop at Bistro Morgan for a donut, I have no idea how people buy six at a time... there were some great looking xmas ed. ones. 

Next stop Ikea! For cookies for the party, and to chill. Can we live here? My 5yr plans include owning a reading chair. The cookies were 40% off which was lucky, though I was suppose to buy them a month ago, and not on the day...

Dance party! Three trams away from Ikea, this is my life, traveling. Can't drive and parking isn't great when there's more than one tram in the area. 

Saturday---16th Dec

A quick dinner at the pop-up lobster shack outside the arts center.

Lobster Bar $35

A very buttered toasted roll with fresh lobster was very good though was a bit much, would have been good half the size or to share. The truffle fries were amazing! A try once thing at this price.

MSO Christmas, I do love the Nutcracker! 
There was tissue paper snow at the end, though we weren't in the stalls.

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