Monday 11th December

Lunch at Mr Bratwurst. Sausage places are rare these days as they all went down around the same time, shortly after it was announced that too much proceeded meats is related to the big c. The almost solo survivor was Phat Brats on Chapel St.

The bbq on the corner looks very inviting, with the sausages cooking. Can't really smell them though, so you won't smell like bbq! All the sausages are pork except one beef option and only sometimes do they have the chicken one (but not this month).

Described as spicy the Hungarian beef is only a little spicy, totally fine for me (sir Lankan curry makes me cry, and mustard hurts my nose and eyes). Served in a white bun 8.50 toppings are 50c each, onion, cheese, sauerkraut and bacon. We think the price should be a bit more and just include more toppings. Also different sauces, oh how I miss Snag Stand.

For me the sausage is in between an entree and main size. 

So we bought a potato salad $5.50 a bit on the small size, but it's cute! German potato salad with gerkins and egg. It's good and not too watery like Coles.

Service was very friendly.

Saturday 22nd Dec

We're back again!

Had the beef w cheese, onion and tomato sauce, it was pretty good.

Overall, hits the spot for that sausage-but-I-don't-need-a-six-pack craving, but nothing amazing. At least not till the menu items include toppings rather than have them as add-ons, also chicken sausages.

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