Lunching @ The Glen - Angie's Dumplings @ Thursday, December 20, 2018

Monday 18th Dec

Dinner at Angie's Dumplings, they have yum cha steamed pork buns in the Bain Marie. But not chicken sadly. The struggle was real as I'm overall not a fan of Chinese food... except yum cha. Noodles are often too oily and frankly not a risk I'm willing to take

By 5.30pm on a Monday with an optional 7pm Christmas closing, everyone except Angie is closed in the center and I don't see a sushi hub. There's a place in Safeway though.

704. Black bean beef. $12 entree sized

How was It? Weird... the sauce was fairly average. But the beef. That isn't beef... the texture is super soft but not wagyu marble 9+ grade, more like something is wrong. Because there is no texture... it's all smoothed out and wrong.

Service was fine.

Update - it's actually suppose to be silky smooth because it's coated in corn flour.
Turns out I'm just not a fan.

Also this was long before there was a new food court upstairs.

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