My Pre-Birthday Week! @ Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Monday 18th December

Dinner at Angie's Dumplings.


Driving before heading off to the city.

Birthday cake at Runya, the strawberry cream sponge so good! The best thing I've had here, and I've had the platter.

Over at review we got a skirt for $20. On sale $100, 20% off for vips $80, birthday reward -$20, gift cards -$40.

Over to new Shanghai, at 6.30 it's busy! The bday offer is a free basket of dumplings, yay!
220. prawn dumplings (10pcs) $20. They were pretty good steamed, needs a chili oil sauce though

Swan Lake. She gets turned into a swan at the start, there's a ball for locals, he goes hunting but is captivated by her. They dance. Enter evil guy.
THE party, where the Prince has to choose a princess: Irish  (gn), Spanish (red), yellow and Russian  (blue). The yellow (Turk?) princess was the most generic princess costume, though pretty, while the other princesses came with her ambassador and ladies, the yellow princess didn't.
Seductively sparkling black swan. With a sparkly tiara and tutu... cosplay goals!
The court is a mix of tudor x resistance x generic red queen costumes from a package. The queen looks cheap as, too shiny gold and with those weird ancient China sleeves, England did have big sleeves but like that...
We love it when the Prince realizes he chose the wrong girl, did he pick the black swan because she was the best of the girls at the ball, or did he think she was his girl?
He runs to his mother then runs off.
The show is 3hrs with 2 intervals.
The swans dance. The Prince kills the bad guy without a sword? Dance fight.
She dies. He dies. There was lighting.

Second row in the circle, great seats! First time we've seen it full live, last time we only saw one scene. Ballet tix out of the three are the most  $$$$
This one's slightly cheaper cause it's a school performance and there's only one set

We absolutely loved Matthew Bourne's Gothic Edwardian vampire version with amazing sets. Oh wait no that's sleeping beauty, we haven't seen his take on Swan Lake yet. Instead of boy meets girl, it's boy with mummy issues meets boy. XD

Thursday---21st Dec

For my best friend's birthday we stayed at Sage, and it was amazing!


After checking out and getting our luggage sent home we went shopping, bought stuff from Typo and Sisko, a boutique chocolate shop.

Heading home we stopped by the city for donuts and dinner, in that order. It was as busy always, away from the tranquil Sage.

Dinner at Yuzu. We've been meaning to return for some time, but haven't made it till now prompted by liven. We haven't been here in maybe a year? But the waitress remembers me O.o.


Back at work.

Lunching at Mr Bratswurst.

Sugar Cane Juice $6. It was pure and amazing.

Furuta -Pink floral rosy but different sakura soft serve $4

Dinner at Zesty's with Freud

Everything was good, plenty of topping just like last time. Dinning with someone who has the appetite of a toddler is amusing, he's the opposite of jas and eats only pizza, burgers and frat food. He doesn't eat veggies (esp on pizza!) and doesn't like onion if he can see it. Watching him pick out all the onion was interesting.


Tonight we're delighted to be dining at Hinoak Korean Charcoal BBQ which we've had on our list since they started construction (and appeared on instagram), beside Syndal Station.

Service was fantastic! very friendly, even the parents had a good time (they always have something to complain about from the music choice to deco).

Will be we back? Yes! Father wants to bring his friends too (this is unusual).

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