Local Brunches & Bar - Enter Neighbour @ Thursday, March 28, 2019

Charlie & Co. dined as guests.
Thursday 21st March

Thursday Brunching at Enter Neighbour, by coincidence a neighbor of our church friends' restaurant! We'd been curious though never seen it open before (being a night owl) but recently they're now open for Friday & Saturday night as a bar!

Located on a strip at the turn of Toorak & Camberwell Rd, between Camberwell and Deakin. Enter Neighbour has been open for a bit over a year. As there isn't much around here during brunch time parking would be easier than in Camberwell itself, where we used to live.

It looks like a small place but what you don't see from the front is the middle room and the yard. A work in progress, but shall hopefully expand into a full courtyard, brunch by day, bar by night under the fairy lights. And with the location it'll be a local gem and secret. 

Bloody Mary & Pinkie 
Pink Grapefruit + Tequila + Egg White + Sugar Syrup 
shaken and finished w/ Saffron Persian Floss

There's boozy brunches for your day off, and a bar! Open from 4pm on Friday and 5.30pm on Saturday. With burgers, tapas and cheese platters. On this occasion we enjoyed a pinkie, which was quite a light non-fizzy (m)ocktail that doesn't taste anywhere as sweet as it looks, though being American we do have sugar running in our veins. :P 

The King Truffle (v)
Swiss Brown + Baby King Oyster Mushrooms + Spinach cooked in
White Truffle and Porcini Cream + Ewes Milk Cheese w/a Poached Egg on Toast

The menu featured favorites but also new unique dishes. There were a few dishes we had our eye on, but ultimately settled upon mushrooms despite having them just the other day.

With actual truffle it was amazing. Meaty mushrooms, the cheese, the poached egg. Perfection, love a snowfall of cheese. Doesn't need a pesto, with mushrooms I need either truffle or pesto to take it to the next level. Truffles are always amazing, even more so when it's not just oil. I'd definitely get this again. I like the food and plate are one, as in they go together so well. Though this is also why blue plates are popular, for the contrast. 

Benedict Cumberbatch 
Pulled Lamb + Pumpkin Puree + Pickled Cabbage + Poached
Eggs topped w/Saffron Hollandaise & Sesame Seeds

Meanwhile Andy had the Benedict Cumberbatch which was so vibrant and fun, so colorful and all real ingredients too. He said...  the lamb was cooked very well, fell apart very nicely, I would've preferred more seasoning but maybe it'd be considered normal for other people, or even a marinade. The pickled cabbage was a good addition, added a nice purple colour, not too sour or anything. But a good contrast to cut through all that lamb. The creamy pumpkin puree was a good sauce bring it all together. Making it more brunch than lunch was the perfectly poached egg on top and that lovely hollandaise sauce. 

It encompasses the perfect dish, being crunchy, soft and chewy. Presentation was excellent of course, just look at that yolk. 

Did we mention there's shade in the courtyard?

Who can resist dessert, when they have hotcakes on the menu?

Scotch Pancakes (v) 
Neighbour’s Secret Coffee Mascarpone w/Caramelized Banana +
Fresh Strawberries, topped w/Chocolate Sauce + Coffee Soil 

Hello tiramisu hotcakes! It's the perfect excuse to have a dessert before night, especially when shared. Big soft and fluffy these were just perfect, though we would have preferred the banana to be a lot more caramelized, rather than just slightly. If you love all things coffee and cream this is the one for you.

Serving Mork hot chocolate and boozy coffees by day, at night Enter Neighbour turns into a bar (Fri/Sat), located away from the main streets, there'll definitely be parking, it's also on the no.75 tram route.

It's a nice place for a weekday meeting, though as soon as people discover this place there could be a line, with so many amazing dishes the menu we can't wait to return!

Enter Neighbour Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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