Snack Attack @ Lukumades on Chapel @ Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Charlie & Co. dined as guests. 
Saturday 7th December

As someone who goes (and does) a lot of events Lukumades looks very familiar with their orange circular logo. Perhaps we saw them at a market? It turns out a few years ago they were a food truck, then they opened up shop near the market (West Melbourne), in Carlton and now in Windsor for the past 8 months.

Deep fried and covered in chocolate (or your choice of toppings) what's not to love? Of course been deep fried it's expected that the place smells oily to some degree, though more exhaust fans would help with that.  

Lukumades and like donut balls, a Greek doughnut with a modern twist, hello sugar! Traditionally served as an afternoon snack with honey syrup and crushed walnuts, there's plenty more toppings to choose from. They're also open late, perfect for dessert. 

We visited in mid-ish December and there were some pretty cool upside Christmas trees suspended with the minimalist nordic(?) ceiling deco. Themes of orange and white dominated the long narrow cafe scattered with fun cushions, and mini tables. There's also seats outside if you prefer your donuts with a side of cancer. 

So many choices with 17 toppings including some vegan ones, classic, chocolate bars and spread inspired too. Like Bueno and Biscoff! They're all $12 for a 10 pack, which is pretty good, though I'm certain these are designed to be shared between 2-3.

Magic in the workings. 

Bounty Hunter
Inject w coconut filling and topped w drizzled melted milk chocolate and coconut flakes

Taking it up to the next level these balls were pumped with a coconut filling, creating the perfect bounty bar donut. 

The salted caramel milkshake was great too, would recommend. 

Matcha Balls Infused with White Chocolate

These were really good, made with quality matcha, it's the same one in the drink too. Nina loved it the matcha purity, so she stubbornly  refused to touch the bounty. That or she had a few drinks before we got here...

To pair the matcha balls Nina had the iced matcha, which was much lighter in flavour in comparison and overall. They do go well together she said. 

I do hope they'll a cherry ripe and even Turkish delight on the menu soon. 

Like all things fried these are best served fresh, in-stores though I did notice they deliver too. Located on High St x Chapel it's a prime position for night life. 

Which flavour would you try first?

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