A Bookshop Wedding & Time Traveler @ Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Monday 26th January

Today we went to work, it was quiet, except for one trouble maker who the parents took little responsibility for. You know you're not trusted when the museum guide follows you around. :P

A rare occasion we had pizza for dinner, thin crust and therefore healthy :P we had the 'Chicken & Prawn Pizza' $15-ish from Dominos, le beau requested I didn't order the seafood because he likes but not as much as me. Dancing followed. 


A rare day where we worked in the office, getting expressions of interested for an event. Coworker is a crazy chatterbox... Lunch was very healthy, I miss chicken... :P The soda, not so much, but they were out of juice boxes. I wished they had V8 veggies juices too. Need to buy some of those.

Priceline has 40% Off Skincare! Excited to try the Nuxe Oil.

Home. Crashed. Nap. In a dream we were dancing Lady Boss wanted me to dance with her so I did, though she refused to let me dance with morman (we really need to work on getting him a new name)... Oh wow I think that could be me in 10yrs+. That was a bad dream, for she doesn't dance, or at least not where I do. That and being the strict one I don't think she would dance... or even smile. 

Disadvantage of being short: walking into people's arms when we do that position (think flying arms) or not being able to see over it.

Healthy Snack - But the grapes overpower the berries. 


Today started with lunch at Pallet Espresso, we finally got there! Only about 2yrs after they opened... I had a chicken tortilla salad which was very good and without the usual greens it didn't feel like a salad. Lots of flavours, textures and yet still healthy I'd recommend it and I'd get it again. Only thing is this place closes at 5pm, being more of a brunch place, though a rare cheaper one. But I like it! 

Excuse the low quality pictures, these were designed for instagram.

No! See pictures above for example.

Off to work, I forgot my socks and had to get some from Target along the way. Tip - When visiting wear thick socks, the type with the grip from Bounce is great. We got our last round of lego knight pictures as it closes on Sunday. 

Dinner was a bento from DonDon. I liked the salad but nothing else...

Does anyone know what this place is? I did try google.

We'll be back!

Tonight's show was 'The Jacobbeans' which is an era during the House of Stuart in English History and nothing to do with beans, especially evil ones. 

"THE JACOBEANS is our way of holding a satirical mirror up to the political and social landscape of contemporary Australia. As two young queer artists, we noticed that many of our social values are becoming increasingly conservative and reactionary - reminiscent of a more primitive era, where thinking was discouraged, and people in positions of power were absolute and infallible. Using the historical Jacobean era as a launching point, our new play examines the way our social values have evolved and shifted over time - especially in regards to the roles of gender in our society - and what this might mean for us in the future." - Source

A pair of peasants face the Plague with a cheery disposition; Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung define their phallic fixation; Joan of Arc conversing with an uncaring God; a husband and wife face an unfortunate case of hysteria; Julie Andrews confronts an unusual new sidekick: an insidiously passive sloth.

It was a "blend of "amazing, imaginative juxtaposition of people and places"" and a scathingly satirical, insistently imaginative, and provocatively pertinent comedy about the Dark Ages we lived in, and the one we still inhabit.

The performance was a series of takes/short clips which were all very entertaining. My favourite was Carl & Freud, though Jack as a sloth was very entertaining. XD  The range of characters Jack & Hannah played was amazing, from Freud & Jung to Joan of Arch, to Julie Andrews and a Sloth (yes that's the one in Ice Age). It was a great show and one I'd recommend. And tickets are reasonably priced too, unlike our school plays. 


Today I got up, stuff got done and then I may have taken a "15 min" nap and suddenly it was 3.30pm! We made it to the bus, but the train was delayed and so we only had time for a brow wax but not tint. 

Another goal for this year is to complete reviews I started but never finished. I'm a soloist and so often eat alone or might as well do so, because jas doesn't do reviews. And unless a place has a signature dish we have to try more than one thing to review it - unless they have sh*tty service or something. 

Waffle On

Another visit to DonDon, as I'm giving it a third chance. Nope.

Tonight we saw 'Loving Repeating' – A musical about Gertrude Stein the brilliant American expatriate writer, and her passion for life, language and the thrill of forbidden love.

"It follows the life, the loves and creative spirit of Gertrude Stein as seen through her relationship with Alice B. Toklas," Flaherty told Playbill.com. "Every word in the piece is [by] Stein. It's taken from a variety of texts…poems, speeches, letters, journal entries. All of the words are by Stein, except the very, very end of the piece where the final monologue is Alice B. Toklas' words — about the end of Gertrude Stein's life."

I've heard of Gertrude Stein though don't know much about her, other than she was the first to use 'gay' as a word for homosexuals.

The musical starts with 60-year-old Gertrude Stein is lecturing at the University of Chicago in November of 1934. Because there was no subtiles I didn't actually know what year it was, though soon the story of her life starting in college started and it was the early 1990s the Edwardian Era and the last era of elegance. 

The music and costumes I really liked, the frilly fun lacy shirts and long skirts of the Edwardian era, a visit back to the Georgian era with wide (just on the sides) skirts for both the girls and boys (the later not in real life), to the Roaring 20s with Jazz and stunning dresses that glitter and sparkle under the light. To the end, the 40s boarding MadMen era. 

Gertrude Stein lived from 1874 – 1946, and was friends with Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald. In her later years Roosevelt was president and Charlie Chaplin entered the scene. Her life also included both world wars. 

The show was very good and I definitely recommend it if you love musicals and things you don't normally see including men in corest, fishnets and heels (that's all on one guy, he was wearing leather underwear too btw), and there was a minimalistly dressed sailor and cop (stripper style, possibly found at gay bars?).

Not really relevant, but more of a side note.  All the actors were very fit and all the guys had abs and everyone was in shape, some of the girls/guys were very pretty too. Lots of eye candy. :P Suitable for everyone. 

Paris in the 20s would have been amazing, The Jazz Age. If you're into that scene do check out 'Midnight in Paris'.

More links.


Guys in Short Shorts Underwear

How do you feel about wearing a skirt?

Georgian Inspired? - The skirts with the side hoops.


I had a dream, a wedding between mr and mrs moran. A carnival with rides, an old fashioned fancy bookshop in the UK where the ceremony was held. A hall of caterers, and mrs morman. The reception room with purple, dit lighting and a smoke machine. There was a rock pool, one of the fancy ones you can swim in, and steps going up and out to a sunroom with Greek Pillars and another pool.

I'd totally get married in a fancy bookshop! Time to research antique bookshops that also do events. Also this way we have a reason to have a much smaller guestlist. That or we can check out the state library, though I really like the one in Adelaide.

Something I'm working on.

Which type of heart to pick...

This one's the most perfect.

Work in Progress

Unlike my business cards!

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