MICE Coffee Expo 2014 @ Tuesday, March 24, 2015

On a Saturday we went to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) interestingly next door was a reptile show, and a lot of them so happen to eat mice :P I'm experimenting with new backgrounds and this one here is just cardboard from OW, with the light source coming from the top. Someone drank the iced coffee before I took a picture... but if it's full it won't balance and you'll need bluetack on the side to stop it from rolling.

There was a very cool packing stand that creates all the boxes, including all the ones caters use, I'd love to buy an assorted pack to create for our picnic, but they only do bulk.

Fun cup designs.

Everyone was doing samples, I felt like I was ignored at this event...

Our local coffee place uses these cups. 

These are awesome! Fine China but for the accident prone, could be the next thing.

Le beau would like a coffee machine with his name and a coffee quote on it. :P

What do these things actually do, other than look awesome?

St Ali was sold out, and Sensory Lab was very popular too.

Under available the text says "at a small cost" complete bs, we asked and hot chocolate cost like $5.50 or something like that. Normal or more prices. 

Can't recall the stall but there was a stall and within their space they had an 'n' shaped hallway and this was the two sides. Later on their did free esspresontinis, which I had a sip of. It burns!

Free drinks from Paul's at the back, there's iced coffees, Big Ms and three juices. Oh why am I slightly lactose intolerant? They had Egg Flip aka Egg Nogg! Le beau drank it on my behalf. :P

Syrups! This is how you get a white mint hot chocolate. $15 a bottle.

They sold sample bottles 5 for $5. It's so cute! My styling failed in this picture...
Le beau picked Turkish delight when to me smells like rose flavoured/scent cotton candy.

Here and there, there were a couple tea stalls. Blooming tea.

Tea, not dirt. I'm not a tea or coffee person. :P Why isn't there a chocolate expo?

Samples (top & right), inspiring homemade gift ideas (left). Oh how I love yo-yos!

Tried Mork, it's too dark for me. 

Didn't know Devondale did anything other than milk. Raisin buns, add a cross and you got your hot cross buns. Toasted, spread on some butter, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. I'm in love! I may also be addicted to food...

Le beau had a great time, he & co-workers were very keen that they organized a trip from Geelong just for the day! Being teachers they love coffee, though I think most adults live on that stuff.

Why is there a pie in the style? I do hope it's pumpkin or apply pie.

Did you go to the coffee expo?

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