Monday 23rd March

Today started early, stopped by the shops to check out a bag, then off to the city, where we had time to buy a peanut from Pylones. They have 50% and I think might be on their way out, pretty colourful fun things, but very very expensive! That butter dish at $35 costs more than all the butter I've ever place in it. 

Hairhouse Warehouse, why do different people give you different recommendations when you present the same scenario? I hope drs don't do this! One, or two stops before class, to the Reject Shop for a challenge, though the real challenge was remembering the answer! We then dashed to Lincraft, which has just opened Liz (x) Bourke. Free mug and tape measure! 

Got to class on time, it was hot outside and got colder and colder inside! I think we might have hibernated a bit there, especially as the guy talking was mumbling. 

Picked up some freebies, ok I paid $2 because I was sent a $5 voucher for the book shop. Anniversary for membership. Replied to emails, got a 'cool story bro' but more helpful response from a long deep email I sent. Which later the therapist said was not appropriate, but the topic was food and pets? The two aren't related btw. 

Walked to my next class on the other side of town, heels are killing my feet! Oh god I love my flats. I rarely ever wear heels, but the height up there is amazing! Worth the pain? No.

The Resident Cat

Theatre. Damn everyone's got great ideas. Me? I got some ideas what to do with the audience and the set up of the room, and characters. But the scene and characters haven't been linked yet. My mouth goes faster than my brain.


Today failed, no work was done as we slept in... So many events, so little time! Would have loved to go to a Myer event tonight but by the time I found out about it we were on our way to the event of the week, well the performing arts one anyway. 

Spiegelworld is back with a new show, Absinthe, an adult-themed cocktail of circus, burlesque and vaudeville for a 21st century audience, hosted by the outrageous Gazillionaire and his sidekick Penny. It was great! More pictures coming soon.


Today we went to class, and shopping afterwards. Highpoint had their VIP Night this week, following Chadstone and we were after a few things, ok lies, we were after one thing, and I'm not sure if I picked up the right one...

Along the way we stopped by Glassons to stock up on some merino tops, the quality isn't what it used to be, in that the first time I bought from them the top was amazing. The second not so great, as they developed holes fast. And now we give them one last go. They don't seem to have any competitors other than Uniqo who has a top that does something similar. I like to layer them both in winter. What do you wear underneath in winter?

Next we stopped by Hairhouse Warehouse, prompted by a pricematch sign. T&Cs? 

I was going to get the 'BaBylissPRO Ceramic Hair Curling Iron 32mm' ($85) but they were out of that and only had 'BaByliss PRO Dreamer Titanium 32mm Ceramic Curling Tong' ($110) in stock in the size I'm after. Got it for $65, as we found a place that had it for $45, though I didn't check out the shipping & handling costs, which the manager suggested could be up to $20. It was actually free in-store pick-up, but the catch was you have to order online. I'm told the black is just as same as the gold, but looks different by two different guys, but then why does it cost $25 more? Personally I prefer the gold as the bk looks like plastic... and plastic melts when hot. 

I don't like shopping at Hairhouse Warehouse, the website doesn't have everything and so you have to call up to ask if they have x or y, and it makes it harder to compare prices. 

The one item we were after tonight was a suitcase, bag on wheels for work/daily travel. Which is where up to 4hrs of my day goes. Found one, though not the one I saw the other day - online. 


Tonight we went to the launch night of Hawkeye's Vintage Pop-Up Shop Event.

I love this location! It's like a secret garden. Just missing a wall water feature.

I may have had too many cupcakes, coming straight from class, and a couple drinks. Cupcakes remind me of Cupcake Central by design/style but to me they weren't as good (we had CC's Salted Caramel last night).

The event featured beautiful vintage clothing and mainly scarves under the accessories section. So many sequins, eloquent beading designs and kimonos! We did buy something, though what that is, you'll have to guess. :P

Don't think that's the same blazer...

The venue hidden off Chapel St near Jam Factory was stunning! An almost hidden door way and a walk through with vine leaves. If this was loft I'd love to live here, even with the commission housing opposite, out of the lane. Though jas says that doesn't devalue the area too much, and so it would still be very expensive.

There were showbags! I love them, but hate packing them. We've actually gotten up at 5am to do that, true story (they lied about the job description). These showbags are pretty cool though, mainly filled with beauty products, accessories and a couple sweet treats. I got the media bag, while jas (who is a guy, and not remotely interested in these things) got the plus one bag, which he was happy to discover had the same cookies. Along with a coconut scrub, as we're encouraging him to get back to his former glory. He has let himself go since we met 7-ish years ago.

The event officially ended at 10pm though around 8.30pm things were wrapping up, the crowd had left to go to dinner we presume, and the best of the vintage collection was sold. Off to Maya Mexican for tacos and margaritas. 

There's a new veggie taco, though our waitress only delivered 4/6 dishes, till prompted about the other two. Totally cool though, as I think I ate too much, at 4 tacos. Last time we had about 6. Not sure how many I normally eat, but we'd say it depends on cost. 

On this occasion we paid all you can eat, and a drink each for $30 (for both of us). He had the classic margarita, which wasn't nice and burns after, while I had a fancy version of a pink lady apple juice with passionfruit. I love apple juice! The tacos were all the same. floury tacos, too soft chicken. But the beef and fish was still just as good.

Nice and quiet, just how I like it. Though it was closing time. 

In other news it's confirmed I walk funny in heels, much resembling a newborn calf. Heels hurt! Though less than last week as I'm wearing four compseed blister/gel sticker things that make it hurt less. One use only though, this is going to be expensive. 

Another reason to learn to drive - storage space for bags and shoes. Also a change of clothes and everything you ever need for any occasion. I'm not a hoarder, I'm organized. 


Tonight's adventure started with stress, I can't deal with this anymore. Jas cancels, le beau says he not your back-up guy because it was too late (3hrs before the event) and so once again I'm alone. I'm breaking-up with one of them, though we've been together so long it's more of a divorce at this stage. And we are not going to be friends after. 

Dinner was catered by 'White Guy Cooks Thai' which has been on our list for a while, but food trucks move and so they're harder to get to. I had the fish, lightly fried with sweet & sour sauce, served with rice, coleslaw and yummy vegetarian 'a white person made it' spring rolls. I love spring rolls! And wished they were as common as hot chips to purchase. 

Dinnerbox $15
Curry, drumettes, or Pla sam rod served with Spring rolls, rice and Asian coleslaw

Spring rolls - Shitake mushroom, wombok, carrot and edamame parcels in a thin and crispy wrapper (v). Fish Pa Sam Rod - A Thai classic. The three flavour sauce - salty, sweet and spicy – is normally served over a whole fish, but is equally at home as we serve it – with boneless fish fillets – G/F

Freud had the deep fried chicken, and nothing else. Picky eater.

Second time I've had this drink this week, new brand? 

During dinner we were treated to a performance that I didn't see (we were facing, seated the wrong direction) but hear. In celebration of 'Earth Hour' we saw a candle-lit performance from the master students at Victorian Opera, featuring songs from Figaro, Tosca, and my favourite piece of the evening - The Flower Duet. Which I have never heard live before. 

Being a green event we were emailed the programs, but we all know next time we see a performance it's back to paper. We had a lovely evening, of thai and opera. A combo we haven't had before. It would have been nice to have strings of fairy lights over the courtyard at the lovely white house, but that isn't exactly green. 

Opera for the Earth

An intimate pop-up recital during Earth Hour, a global movement, 
created to inspire ideas for a sustainable community


On the way to the city, there was a station full of cockatoos.

Another day gone wrong. I missed the gym despite going to bed very early last night, as soon as we got home from the opera in fact.  Dinner, was supposed to be booked 3 days in advance, but of course jas didn't tell me... so that was canceled. 

Went to the comedy festival, an evening with Sammy & Randy (the purple puppet that turns out not to be a turtle), a good show with two skits I've seen before. Randy went for crowd surf! And that's how we found out he's not a turtle like I thought. 

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