On a Thursday Yo My Goodness launched its 4th location in Glen Waverley and decided to add burgers, fries and shakes to the menu, but only at this location. The launch of their new Glen Waverley location (timed to coincide with International Burger Day) they'll gave out their signature 'Yo My with Cheeseburgers', and we were there to cover the story.

Never before have we ever been to an opening/event out in Glen Waverley. Out there there's a main street 'Kingsway' that thrives during the night, bustling with locals dinning at Papparich and other mainly Asian places. There's fish and chips and the overpriced Airstream restaurant - don't eat cheesecake there, it's not very nice. 

I've never heard of YOMG, till last week, on an afternoon when they weren't open (not yet at the time) as I had a meeting in town. They're just a block away from Glen Waverley Station, across the road from Steak Ministry & Grill (where we've never been because it's expensive). 

While I wasn't invited to the launch the night before I did find out about the free burger promo last night. I'm not a last minute person but this week and the next I'm kinda working from home, and so was close by enough to drop by for lunch before going shopping heading home to study.

Samples - Milkshakes 

While in line we were offered samples of shakes and froyo. We tried the salted peanut butter caramel, it was good but not enough salted c. The other milkshake I tried was 'two bit lemon tart' which tasted a bit like a cheesecake! The soy berry was icy no creamy, and not nice.

This place used to be a newsagent, before the station was upgraded. 

Yo My with Cheeseburgers $9
Beef, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Ketchup, Secret Sauce

I love how they serve it! On the side in a wrapper and box, perfect for consumption. What I don't like is the tomato, not because I don't like tomato (other than as a soup, sauce and semi-sun dried) but because it's touching the bun. Tomato doesn't touch the bun. Want to know why? Because for slow eaters like me it makes the bun soggy. 

Aside from that the burger served on a brioche bun was average. Flat in flavour, nothing special. The beef patty on its own was also average, though 100% Grass fed angus beef. 

Comparing it to burgers/sliders I had at Charlie & Co, and Father's Office YOMG sits at the same level as Charlie but below Father. Compared to Grill'd? Well the buns are different, they're soft and don't have a sweet-ish taste like Huxtaburger (my favourite burger place). I prefer Grill'd's burgers over YOMG if I'm after something filling. Huxtaburger's great except size, tis a snack. 

There was also froyo, as YOMG is predominately a froyo joint, with only this location also rolling out burgers, fries and milkshakes. There as seven flavours (2 of which were out day/didn't work): original (lemonly), chocolate, soy berry (vegan + dairy free), salted caramel, coconut, mango, matcha green tea, and lychee.

Toppings. There were so many toppings! Including some I haven't seen before (as a topping that is). There was fresh fruit, fruit sauces (raspberry, passionfruit), all the candy, turkish delight, chia and granola, 3 flavours of popping pearls, lemon slice bits, caramelized banana. There was also sauces at the end, just like for a sundae: lemon curd, caramel and Nutella.

There's three sizes for the containers and even cones! Cones aren't recommended with your toppings don't coat the surface/won't stick on. The cones are $5.

So what did I get? I had a coconut and lychee froyo with some lychee popping pearls, Danish apple, one red gummy bear, a slice of caramelized banana, and a bit of Nutella sauce.

I just realized rainbow/choc sprinkles are missing from the set!

Anyway it was very good, pearls are awesome as always, Danish apple is the same cubes of apple you'd find in an apple pie, gummy bears was very chewy and hard, dislike, banana was average, and Nutella was great! Actual Nutella involved there.

The coconut is creamy and you can definitely taste the coconut, just like lychee, which is probably my favourite flavour of all time.

A Visit on a Saturday Night - For Snacks

My froyo wasn't styled as I wanted to try everything! It was almost $7 for one, though today they had BOGOF. I love froyo, so it always gets a thumbs up from me. The price is the same everywhere at $2.80 per 100gm.

Fetta Fetish Fries $7
Fetta, dukkha (seeds), lemon, oregano, spring onion

We ordered fries, they have the kfc kind but not soggy. They were quite good, though with the assumption that the regular/original/no topping one is the same size, the topping weren't worth an extra $3. There was only a bit of topping on the top, enough to go with 20% of the fries. 

I do like how they over an entire tray of sauces to add onto your burger/fries - free. 

A Sunday Dinner 

The Bergerk $13 + $1 Potato Cake
Southern fried chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo

Feeling like something healthy-ish with no Thrive or any salad bar around us I got a burger but with a salad instead of in a bun. It was heavy and filling, the salad was more lettuce, and coleslaw. Chipotle mayo = sweet chili mayo. The name confused me there as I don't recall what chipotle is other than hot.

I'm slightly confused by what I ordered. I ordered the chicken but they said they were out, so I ordered a custom. The chicken arrived, no issues. But what was the second order taken?

The potato cake was very good, the best kind, the same that South Melb Market Dim Sims sells for $1.  The salad was also very good, recommended though nothing I'd get again.

As pictured the fork and knives are wooden, like the same paddle pop wooden stick the dr puts down your throat. It tastes gross. BYO knives and forks if you're going to order a salad!

The Kingsway aka Double Everything $13
Double beef, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, ketchup, secret sauce

Esme like her burgers and ordered the 'double everything burger'. She liked it and came back on another occasion for wings. Unfortunately I failed to get her part of the review, because on this rare occasion we also had conversation, and it was not focused on the food.

Salted Peanut Butter Caramel Milkshake $7.50

I ordered the caramel milkshake... but ok. It was delicious, I like it but don't love it. You could definitely taste the caramel, till the last inch where it's all just pb... I'm getting the chocolate next time. 

In comparison to location competition there's Burger Edge nearby, but they aren't any good. Airstream does burgers but they're pricey. Grill'd's a few miles away in Burwood East. So YOMG and their burgers would work. Their froyo will definitely be a hit, as there is no froyo in Glen Waverley. The other dessert competitor will be Nitro Lab, but that place is more for take-away with only a couple bar seats. That and I didn't like the service at the lab.

Overall I like it but don't love it. Average burgers, but we'll be back for fries and froyo.

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