The Circus Comes to Versailles @ Friday, August 07, 2015

During July I was away (off with the faeries really) for 3wks, and so we only have snapshots of what we got up to on days that we weren't away.

But first coffee.

Lets have a cupcake, or four - I swear I only ate one.

Tuesday 18th July

Do you think we'll make it from Prahran to Ringwood in an hour? Nope, not a chance, we left at 6.30pm and didn't get home till 8pm. My class started at 7.30pm... traffic was bad. I rarely ever get caught in traffic, unless you mean the flood of people, as I take the train. Next week we're taking the train. Though perhaps stopping for chips along the way didn't help. But we did pass by Misty’s Diner which is on the list and I found out where Charlie Dumpling is. 

Thursday 20th

Lots of forms to fill out,  I don't know how to do banking... at all, it's not like we were ever taught. I have an account though not a clue how to check it, not in person or online. So much self learning.

Dentist no.2 Adrian says I'm cheating on my usual dentist :P no.2 says I need at least 1 filling and some seals. Also she says fillings last 10yrs max so we have to replace them in a decade. But I don't always see the same dentist so everyone has part of my files. The usual is $$$ $180 for check, scans and half a clean. Because I don't actually make any money I have access to the community one which is a lot cheaper and has a cap per year (max you pay). With my city dentist I've paid more than $1000. And that's already with insurance covering about half-ish.

Dentist says I have issues with sugar and snacking and that's why I have so many issues...

Shopping for fast food at the food court is best done at the end of the day. The bakery had 3 for $5, $3 sandwiches and 2 for 5 fruit salad (standard size boxes).

I'm not familiar with milk tea so asked for recommendation. Was recommend the red milk tea, which at $3.50 is their cheapest one. It was good, I'd get it again. No jelly though, I'm an expert at chocking. :P I had a groupon deal though she didn't know that till after I ordered.

Tonight's adventure was 'Sweeney Todd' one of my favourite musicals! Top 2. Everyone dies in this one, the other is completely different, the upbeat Hairspray! Where all the characters sing and dance with free will, as oppose to the characters telling the story though song. The characters over at Hairspray would sing, but do you really think someone like Mr Todd would sing? :P As a character.

We were invited to the pre-show event! Not personally, but as part of club.
Not one told me we were wearing suits, so I rock up in a corset. :P


Today failed. I couldn't sleep last night - and I was in bed. I have no idea what I'm doing, need to revive my love of working in events. It's dying a little. Also I really miss le beau :( there's no one like him. I think I feel lonely? All my friends and almost always busy. Between working full-time, a wife and one hobby, they're busy. 

But we did get up in time to get that lat 20mins of sunlight for a few pictures. Funny where inspiration comes from or how it pops-up. I was holding a whisk on an angle, and saw that it could be a broom! For SW or Kiki.

Off to the city. Full of people tonight! Football and soccer. Didn't see the lion king crowd though.

We had just enough time to buy a pie before the concert, the last one (chicken)! This was 6.30pm-ish. Sweeney Todd started at 7.30pm. I didn't buy one yesterday because we went to a pre-show event, and I hesitated at $8.50 a pie. That's like the price of two scoops of ice cream...

The Menu

But we had to do it to complete the experience :P The pie was very good with quality ingredients chunks of chicken and slices of mushroom, nothing chewy or funny. Good pastry too. But it wasn't worth $8.50. It's the venue that ups the price. 

Tonight's performance was at the Recital Center. A trio of cello, violin and piano. It was beautiful. The cello's string snapped! That I've never seen on stage before. 

Le beau and his brother were at the concert, he saw me though we didn't speak.

Afterwards I went for a walk and stopped by Dex2rose for some lightly spiced hot chocolate that was warm by the time the train got to Flinders (extra trains for sport, that were then canceled). Delicious! The only thing that could have been better was having le beau with me.

Last Saturday

This evening we had the unfortunate incident of having the scum of society on the train. Foul mouthed disgusting children,  well teenagers. Three of them, two boys and a girl. One of the boys was the older brother of the girl. So naturally they pretended to do it, thrusting against each other on more than one occasion. Though I always thought your cousin was a much more popular choice. They also swore a lot, giving each other the finger, rubbing up against the pole and pretending to pole dance with no skill (I've seen pole dancers, they're like athletes! It takes skill to do what they do without breaking their neck) and daring each other to do sexual related things. One boy exposed himself to the others. The windows are reflective. Aware that they are behaving inappropriately in public they moved to where the camera couldn't see them. These child are the scum of society, wouldn't be surprised if they ended up in the gutter, in dark alleyway and in jail. It's these type of children that are increasingly the rates of teenager pregnancies. Though you do wonder how they became this way. It's all about the environment, perhaps they're unfortunate characters like Nelson with parents like them but worse. Or it could just be the school.

This Saturday (25th)

Lunch consisted of a crazy hot taco, cupcake and souvlaki.

Free tacos! All week actually, I did post about it on my fb page.

Lunch main, think I'm over these for a while. 

Today or rather this weekend was 'Open House' which is where a series of building not usually open do tours and you can explore. We were short on time so just stopped by a church. It was small, but warm with a cafe. Bought some ginger thins, regret, as they're on their way out. Not so crunchy. 

Afternoon Tea was pricey but delicious!

Something to take home, delicious though I'm not getting it again.
Like Nutella I eat it straight from the jar...

Some doom and gloom before a happy ending to the day. Understanding and accepting is not the same thing. You can not understand something but accept it, vice versa. Despite the claims from Hector and le beau that that I am generous person I do not believe I am. I do donate to causes, though I'm not someone you'd ask to borrow a pen from. So when I give you tickets or something you need to understand you are special. I could have sold them online or just not go. But no, I gave them to you. 

I gave the tickets to mother, who wanted to take father. Of course he didn't want to go, like bunny he likes to stay at home. And there is always something to complain about. Last time it was that the chinese concert was in chinese. Who would have guessed the chinese new year concert was going to be in chinese? 

We made it very clear, crystal clear, that she was not to give the tickets away. Not only has she done this before, she has even sold the tickets and told me she had a great time. This time she gave them to the neighbour. Not happy. Of course I find out and turn up. Good luck getting the tickets when they're under my married name. She tried to buy a ticket for the neighbour at $140 (note that mother is stingy, $2 is too much, she only wants it if it's free, and even then she wants to push it to see how many she can get). Saying she cannot tell the neighbour that she made a mistake, which would cause her to loose face (mother is eurasian, but 90% asian 10% french) which is "much more intense than suffering embarrassment or shame". She says I have no face, because I do what I want and have no one in my life anyway. 

Well it was sold out, so she had a great time. Unfortunately they found some seats for her in the end. But I will never invite her anywhere ever again. And that includes graduation and my wedding.

She says I'm an embarrassment anyway. Because I don't dress like everyone else, wear a suit and neutral make-up. I enjoy wearing lots of dark eye make-up that makes me look evil, and matching lipstick. You don't want to sit next to me on the train.

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra perform with Circa Contemporary Circus 

A long day ending with one of the best performances this year that we've seen! Basque era music (our favorite era!) and a sensational visual feast of acrobatic performances! Walking on all four - backwards, balancing stacked chairs, airiel flips drops and splits, 2 on the shoulders of 1, 3 all stacked upwards one on top of the other were some of the acts we were treated to. With music that took us to the Versailles court of a Louis (not sure which one, my area of specialization is English history not french). A performance fit for the court! Just short of fire breathing (insurance doesn't cover that). We loved every moment of it!

Second day in a row that I saw le beau (and co: his brother, sisters and mother), he smiled at me, though I'm not sure if I returned it.

A completely sold out show! Though there were promo tickets which I believe played a part. I was one of the lucky ones to score tickets. A show I highly recommend to all! I'd definitely see their next show on my own dollar (or 40+). As to which section to buy I'd get B, but if I could afford it (with money I actually made) I'd go for A.

Have you experienced the magic of French Baroque Music?

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