Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar @ Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tuesday 15th Dec

Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar is an American sandwich bar (as said in the name :P) serving big and bold American flavours. Owned and operated by Garrett Huston. Garrett was born in Boston, Massachusetts (north of the Mason Dixon Line) and grew up in Georgia (in the Deep South). We met the lovely Garrett, betcha all wondering which accent he has :P Well you'll just have to wait to meet him to find out. ;) 

Meanwhile I'm from the west coast (born and raised) while Lola's from Hawaii though spent two decades in Denvor. We'd love to travel to the South! The cloest we've been is watching 'The Help' set in Mississippi, and reading the Harper Lee's Mockingbird at school.

Located inside a weekday food court set to serve the suits until now they weren't open for dinner. But from today onwards (27/1) Wed-Fri Mason Dixon's open till 8pm and they deliver!

The Menu

The Reuben

The Mason Dixon Reuben $10.50

Grass-fed Corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, swiss cheese and Russian dressing on freshly baked & toasted rye bread. Lola had the classic reuben inspired by NY Delis, which she enjoyed, buttery toasted bread is wonderful! She wouldn't pay full price for it though. We bought groupons and paid $ 6 each.

The Rachel $11
Free range roasted turkey breast, coleslaw, 
Russian dressing, swiss cheese on multigrain bread. 

Meanwhile I had the 'Rachel' which I'm guessing is named after Rachel from the sitecom friends. I was disappointed that there wasn't a Christmas special with cranberry jam, but this was pretty close. It was delicious, very cheesy! And in true American style there wasn't much greenery, other than a slice of a pickle. 

A surprise underneath the sandwich was revealed: pretzels and a mentos, to avoid the envious questions from your co-workers on what you had for lunch. :P

Yummy sandwiches in true American style, you won't find plastic cheese or average sandwiches here. There's even a selection of pies! Dessert pies that is. Here pie seems to be a savory thing. We didn't see pumpkin pie when we were there, but there was key lime and pb. We were heading off to the KitKat Studio, but shall return for dessert!

Last thoughts? I'd like to see some combo offers, sandwich + drink + pie for $$$.
But yes we'll be back for a sandwich some time.

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