My Birthday Week! @ Saturday, January 23, 2016

Monday 21st December

Something I plan to finish by the end of the year. It's my first scrapbook!

Shopping, xmas deco is on its way out. With sales everywhere and all the good stuff gone. We bought an umbrella with 1yr warranty from Target, it covers the wind flipping it, and metal bits breaking. My Boston's gone missing.

At work we had a customer steal. It was an asian couple, they decided to talk to me and get the item from me but pay at a different counter. At that counter they said they already paid with me. Lies. Fortunately most people do the right thing.

As a cash only place I found that we got a lot of interesting coins.

The Queen seems to have aged as well as changed her crown and zoomed in.

The oldest coin we found was from the 50s I think, before Queen Elizabeth. The King was her father, Albert though known as George 6th. There's a film about his coronation and life during WW2, which made his health worse and killed him in a way.

l've never seen a pound before, or the special edition orange $2 coin.


Fight. Dentist. City.

The day started with a fight with reception, due to misinterpretation. She was like no, I may have said you're a d**k and she naturally responded with "deal with it". We are not on talking terms. 

Another receptionist called me and explained the full situation, with all the details. I wouldn't have been so upset if that was what the first receptionist had explained it in that way. 

Had a panic attack and got lost. I don't run, but when I do it's for the train, or when I lose my sh*t and end up lost in the woods. I ran and kept running, there was no registration of cars or a map or anything. I don't even remember how I got there, other than I walked/ran, absent mindedly. 

A reed diffusor from Witchery, they're the same brand as Mimco's. Best for small rooms. Works well in the bathroom, but the bedroom is too big and it can't scent the whole room.

Witchery. Typo. Review.

I had a $20 giftcard, the item I wanted was $19, and they said I couldn't use it unless I spent $20+?! Not happy. So I bought something $$$ with every intention of returning it. Because with high end stuff there are no returns on sale items, which is stupid when they have 20% off everything. That was Review.

Canapes at Terra Rossa - There's a birthday offer, for canapes and drinks for your party two during your birthday week. Online it says for the party, but they changed it to two people (there was four of us).

Pizza at Campari House

As it was my birthday I got a free pizza, though still ended up paying. As the banker insisted we split the bill. You know, being a banker and all. I didn't agree as the offered covered 1/3 pizzas, but he pointed out we were here because of me. Otherwise he'd go to Dominos or somewhere cheap. Valid point, but it was still my birthday. Nope money's more important. If it's not free it's expensive. This is why we keep our meeting to biannual. 

The neighbour is annoying. She's asking to borrow $$. Yes I do believe she will return it. But I don't lend money or anything to anyone, that includes pens. She asked multiple times. I said I don't use cash, and she asked me to go to the atm, said I'm busy and off to the dentist, and she said she'll come with me to the atm on the way. As I was running out the door she asked me to do a bank transfers. I responded that I don't know how to do it, and she says she can do it. FFS! She doesn't take no for an answer, but fortunately will move onto asking for something else the next day. With the money thing other girls in the building owe her $$, so she should be chasing them up for it. 

What would mother says? She's a giver and a people pleaser. When buying groceries she'd buy extra for those "in need" who she knows will ask. Or she's advise to "Use favorable items secretively and keep them out of sight." It's in my room on my desk, door is open, neighbour sees it and asks for it. She's slowly driving me crazy. 

We asked Lola, who's crazy assertive without being mean. She says what we're all thinking and is direct. No bs stories or excuses, just the truth. It just flows out of her mouth perfectly, but I when I say it it sounds aggressive. 


Last day of work! (Only because I forgot to apply for the carols event...) No one upset me today, though the same can't be said for the other people. One asian couple was mean to one of the girls working with me and said mean things about her, can't remember what, but she was upset. In english they said her work wasn't good enough and do it again, I said no, she's good at what she does. So they tried to find someone else, but of course I told everyone else not to redo it. Especially as they insisted on only paying for 1 of 3 items they bought. 

Another girl was really upset with me O.o was it something I said? Yep, but I'm not sorry. Tights are not pants. Repeat after me, tights are not pants. And don't wear them below your hips! There are things I don't want to see. We are not on a job that pays more when you wear less. Please wear pants, a skirt, anything next time I see you. Though I have a feeling that's her style, it's not a once off thing. 

How did so many girls simultaneously decide to wear tights instead of pants

We met someone new and interesting at work. A girl, who dances! We had the same zumba bachata teacher, at some point.

How does Ned put up with Homer?

Back to the house, today my neighbour has asked for: cream, butter, eggs, juice, internet. And to walk with her to the shops when I just got back! She needs to leave me alone!! I'm not a supermarket, and have no ingredients because I don't cook. I don't even make toast. By the way she doesn't bother anyone else like this. And no I do not want to hang out. I don't hang out with my friends, what makes me want to hang out with you? I'm not interested. 

Other people in the building don't see me as much, as they're not literally next door to me. Though only one other girl is annoying. She often comments that my food is "yuck" or asks for a bite, of unshareable things, like steak. She reminds me of a stray cat, my neighbour is a very generous person and likes to feed others. And she doesn't need to be prompted, she just offers. But then experts others to be just as generous!! 

Thoughts are things that occur in your head and shouldn't always flow out of your mouth. e.g. I see someone with orange juice, and I make a mental note to remember to buy apple juice. Cat girl sees me drinking OJ and says "I want some juice". No response from me. I assume that's her strange way of asking. Answer's no. Don't bother asking. With me the answer to everything is no - unless it's a close friend.


In the mail this week...
- Salted Double Choc Caramel Cookies from Cookie Queen Kitsch'n
- Bonbons from C&E
- Roses (24), a handmade card and $$$ bracelet from someone specials

Instead of going out to see the lights we stayed at home and watched Beauty and the Beast on SBS, in French. Story doesn't make much sense, but it was pretty.


If only I could see it lit in the dark, it was $10.

Regret. While I love the item of glitter in a spray bottle, the powdery scent wasn't my thing. 

Lovisa's always a great shop - when on sale. We rarely pay full price.

Cake. Wasn't as good as hoped, shall get another cake. 

Hot Pot Dinner. BOGOF as it's my birthday!


An afternoon spent printing and shopping. Why do some people insist of printing things when you could show it on your phone? Baskin Robbins I'm looking at you.

We went to Myer and ended up shopping online instores :P 
I have to smell/touch/try before I buy. Three things that smell great.

The Aromatherapy Company Therapy Range Mini Diffusion Set

In Essence Ultra Sonic Sleep Easy Relief Pack

Refresh & Energize Trio Kit

I was looking at the new oil burner as candles I'm told will set the smoke alarm off... *sad* I have so many candles. Yes I'll be doing s full review on this in a few weeks. 

Wrist straps from Mimco.

Snack at Spudbar. Needs feta and olives.

French Kisses, our favourite bath bomb from Lush. Going to use these in the wash for my sheets. Edit: That doesn't work, it's on my desk smelling nice. The boarding house doesn't have bath tubs, and even if they did it would be so gross!

Bought some tea years ago and still have it, about time I buy a tea jug, and this one was a good size (well a bit big, for one) and $20.

Tori Karaage Bento $14

Karaage with a chicken skewer, wafu salad, seaweed salad, pork gyoza and rice.

A bento from Ajisen Ramen, the skewer was great! Well marinated, which is not something I see too much of in American food, sauces/salt/pepper doesn't count. Karrage was good but not amazing, and the salad I'd like more of please!

Next was a complimentary pizza, bbq chicken at 'The Wharf Hotel'. The crust was softer than Campari House, and there was lots of cheese! I love cheese, bocancini is one of my favourites! Needs a bit more chicken and spinach though.

The ambiance and spaces were good for a date away from the city, though add a tv and reruns of 'The Mentalist' and I might as well be eating in front of my computer screen.

Yes that is my picture, work in progress. 

Back to the city for dessert. A glass of mascaprone and cream with strawberries. Caster sugar and vanilla would be the unlisted ingredients. Simple but beautiful! In a rush this is what I'd make and bring to a picnic. And naturally only jas & I would eat it.

What do you normally spend doing for your birthday?

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