Kawaii Japanese Curry in the Food Court @ Saturday, February 06, 2016

Tuesday 19th Jan

Lunch at Kawaii Curry in a weekday food court for the suits. I met the owner who said at 12pm during the lunch rush making things cute takes 30secs longer per person so it's a no go. Which reminds me of one of my first cooking teachers, she wore pink and was from New Zealand. She didn't like me styling the food, just pile it on a plate and eat it.

The Menu

Scoopon Menu 

If you want noodles they're best earlier on, as by 2.30pm they're a bit dry, was the recommendation. Curry it is, chicken please with shredded cheese, corn and cherry tomatoes. With lychee soda, I like how there's your sodas, typical Australian sodas, and also the Japanese range.


My rice was shaped like a bunny! I love bunny! My bunny is fluffy and white, like rice. :P I also love white rice, which is definitely not a part of Lite n' Easy. 

The curry was good, not salty or loaded with MSG. The chicken, every single piece was tender, no chewy chicken, which cheap dishes tend to have. In the curry along with chicken was potato and carrot. Serving size to me was massive, I ate half for lunch and the other half for dinner. Just need to add a salad. I'd like to see an option for half the rice and salad, instead of lots of rice.

There aren't many places where you can get lunch for $6 (from Scoopon or anywhere), but this is one of them! While it's good with no faults, it's nothing amazing that you must try. I'd place Kawaii Curry on my student budget eats which consists of mains that are $12 or less.

I'd love to see more cute places in the city! Bentos are pretty awesome!

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