Me, Myself & Charlie @ Monday, April 04, 2016

Hi, I'm Charlie and I'm an Events Planner from San Francisco. 

Since moving to Melbourne in 2008, we have been to over 150 restaurants, been involved in most of the festivals in Melbourne. We are very curious explorers in the city and beyond. I do all the writing, photography and editing for the blog, and have had my photos featured by restaurants on social media and in the college magazine. 

Events, weeknight dinners across town, and the theatre is where you'd find me. Attending or behind the scenes. Exploring all that Melbourne has to offer, food & events, and sharing our experiences is what Curious Charlie is all about! 

We're always looking to share fun new things to do, eat, share and sample. Experience Seekers. From discovering local gems, opening parcels tied up with string, to crafty tutorials. Join us on a journey, one with lots of coffee, a spork in one hand and camera in the other on this great adventure called life! 

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