Moving Up North @ Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday 17th October

Sick again, the cough/sore throat is back. Gotta take that antibiotic, gritty banana flavored *shudders*. It's day four, but we made it! To the dr without eating on the way there. Day 1 I found a candy bar in my on the way there, Day 2 I hadn't eaten for too long, Day 3 the nurse leaves before the center closes.

Too help not cheat we did not bring food for afterwards and ended up with subway for lunch, served by high school kids who didn't know much about it. Subway will always be remembered as that one place in town (where college was) where it was considered safe/clean to eat. The only familiar place in that town.

It was a long journey back to the house, bus to station, train 1, then change to train 2. We might be on the express line, but we're a small town and one of those stations that gets skipped. 

An afternoon (or what's left of it at 4pm) spent in the mud room sun room working on that scrapbook. Completely filled by second book I'm ready for my third! And this time I'll go paint outside.

I'm breathing funny, my breathing system hurts and so we didn't have the breathe to go dancing. So instead we went over to the next town to buy some honey. Did pretty well as we only bought three things, and none of which was candy. But we did find a stash Lucy's been hiding the other day. 


Sick again, can't breathe and eat at the same time. Dying... but we made it to an afternoon lunch at Kopan, udon and bubogi, the udon's beef is a bit spicier and sweeter than the bubogi.

Next we took the tram in the wrong direction, whoops. Finally got to Leslie St Vinnies (the blue goodwill) which is cheaper than the red ones.

Some favourite cds (the top two) and albums that were popular back in middle school (where we were forced to listen to the radio). G&S Opera vinyls! A vintage 80s Collins diary. The Luxe Series (Gossip Girl in another era I read) and one of my favourite books. 

What did we buy? A few things, but also that heater on the list! Aldi branded but at $10 I'd be happy if I got 10 uses out of it. Mixed reviews, noise complaints mainly. 

Back to the house to pack, 8 boxes, different shapes/sizes. So much bubble wrap... And I really don't trust the movers I prefer to move one layer at a time rather than stack. Mirrors, perfumes, and co.

We should have numbered the boxes and done a reference system...


Moving day. Two carry on bags per person. But what about my chopping board??? 

Stepped backwards, tripped and fell into the open suitcase and rolled out the other side. Yelped in the progress attracting attention.

Turns out I needed a lot more boxes then expected. We did it, packed the night before and a bit in the morning.

Drove to the new location to lie down on the fresh carpet then off to lunch at a corner store. G & Os.

Brunch lunch, b'fast dish.

There are 7 of us, none who packed toilet paper on their carry on... I'd packed it all with the kitchen. I also forgot the keys in the suitcase. The medicine I also packed in the wrong bag. Also has anyone seen my measuring jug? Scatterbrained.

The local cake shop here is Beatrice Bakes, though I got lost and so went to the Green Refectory instead.

$5.20 Pavlova, some cakes have larger serving sizes then others, this was normal size for any other place, but small here. It was great! As good as grandma (cwa) makes it! Each cm of the eggy but also meringuey pav was covered in cream, topped off with slices of kiwi and strawberry. It was perfect. Though if you're after a table get in before the afternoon rush. This is the most popular place in town said a shop keeper down the road.

10 tram stops away from the junction, we're just the next town over from Brunswick. It's so odd being up north on the other side of the city. We've always been on the Lilydale/Belgrave line. Near dance.

Being in North Melbourne means more adventures this way! New places to explore like perhaps the auction rooms and places we haven't considered before due to location.

Pan fried crispy skin barramundi with a citrus pesto, served with corn and lettuce.

After cake we crashed, pre-dinner nap. The bar was packed pre-show as there were three shows on tonight. They were busy and forgot about us. But when prompted service was fast!

We weren't told what the dish was, as everyone was in a hurry (pre-show dinner rush) but we'd called up earlier to find out.

The lettuce didn't really fit in with the dish, it was like lettuce on the side ticking that box that says we need something green. The boneless fish was fried to perfection with a crispy skin in butter. Jas agrees that it was really good, and he cooks fish (I don't, and have never ordered barramundi before).

I've never understood the idea of dinner and show unless you have a 6pm senior citizens dinner. I prefer a show and dessert.

Tonight's show was Lisa Gerrard  I've never heard of her or her music, but it's very different. Atmospheric music aka background music.

In all the moving craze I forgot the keys, or rather didn't bring them, took them out of my bag before afternoon tea because I'd initially planned to stop by to check on the movers before dinner. By the I'd be back everyone would be asleep, and I don't know where the pebbles are to throw them at the window. Also which window...


Last night we went home, because we forgot the keys for the new place. In theory we threw pebbles at the window only to hear that Juliet isn't home XD.

Off to the dr, who I wished asked me all the questions. As after than we went to the hospital and waited for 2hrs only to be told, your scans are too old, get new ones then come back and grab a number. Seriously? My GP could have asked me if they were up to date, I didn't know they expire...

Dinner at Akita, a bento. It was good though nothing amazing nor did it justify the price ($20). In the city this would be around $12 but it's a small isolated restaurant. Hence the monopoly.

We unpacked half the room! Awaiting on shelves/storage solutions to deal with the rest. There's a high shelf but I really can't reach/see up there. The wardrobe is wonderfully short and just an inch or two higher than me. 


Sick again. Dying...

During the move all my frozen food was lost, the container made it though. So maybe they weren't packaged? If they were here and out of the freezer we'd be able to smell it, meat left out on the bench is very highly identifiable. So they're not at point A or B where could they be? Ginny (new girl) suggests they were left out/forgotten while packing on the nature strip and someone took them. Will we ever find out?

My coconut water also went missing, this time from the kitchen bench. I drink it like a soda addict, though limit myself to a glass a day - unless I'm treating myself, because I'm very sick. Which has been ongoing for a while. 

We might be dying but I'm not going to let that stop me from going to a concert! Music fills my soul like nothing else. Melvyn Tan on piano, at 60 he's been playing music for more years than we've spent on earth! Beethoven and Chopin.

My favourite piece tonight? Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2 

Post-show snacks and dinner up in china town with Ginny, who I met through networking, she's a substitute teacher who also works in retail. And here I was hoping working for days as teacher pays all the bills and more. :P

Custard puffs on their winter (it feels like winter) evening was perfect. 

Dinner at Udon Yasan, Thick wheat udon noddles in a Japanese curry sauce, with beef. It was fairly  average, though we enjoyed the toppings bar.

Up to QV for dessert, everyone's loving that ginger tea soft serve, but as the name suggests it's too gingery for me!

Saturday & Sunday

Too sick to go to the cake show, even though we had tickets and a game plan.

How was your week? What did you get up to? 
Do you insist on going out the same day you move houses too? 

The Ugly Truth in Beauty Magazines @ Saturday, October 29, 2016

Four Seasons of Revenge with Emily @ Wednesday, October 26, 2016

S04E10. A fitting end to Daniel. After a season of being a d**k, he's improving and regaining his conscience like before he got into the Grayson game. Just as he was changing, naturally the perfect time for him to be killed off, to make it sad. He was shot, by the hitman Victoria sent for Emily. A fitting end that it was his family that got him killed, and especially as he shot Emily and died trying to make amends and save her. I suppose he died a hero-ish in a way.

Season 4 sees the return of David. In a way it would have been best to end at the end of season 3, with Conrad dead, David alive and Victoria in rehab. But then there's the question of David, why is he alive and in hiding? Which is what season 4 explores. 

With the return of David comes FBI Agent Kate. Kate is evil, her father is the new big bad and held David in captivity ever since his death was faked. Kate is sent to tie up loose ends, David who escaped. But Victoria knows she a double agent and sends her after Emily, resulting in Daniel's death in an act to protect Emily, and Jack kills Kate. 

Killing Kate even with Nolan faking all the evidence and misdirecting the bad guys, brings out Malcom Black, unlike Conrad who often has others do his bidding, is a typical crime show big bad boss who runs a gang out of a compound. 

Ben is Emily's +1 this season, a good cop who gets killed off helping her. He's kinda cute. Pre-cop he was a porn star on Major Crimes. :P 

It's always fun to connect the dots, Revenge does have a few guests. Here are some of our favourites ^. The last guy, I can't recall where I've seen him before.

That evil guy from Forever was the last link to 'The Initiative' after Victoria killed Helen to protect Daniel. Conrad later says that it was just a group of businessmen looking to profit, and create events that would create inflation. Well that was kinda empty, and that threat quickly ended. We felt like there should be more, like LOCSAT in Castle, the ultimate evil guy. But at the same time Emily's main target was Victoria and the other threats needed to be eliminated.

One of our favourite characters who's much more recent than this show is Jessica Pearson! Victoria's rival for her throne with her "friends", and also her mother-in-law, though not one that lasts. For Jessica ain't a lawyer in this series.

The game is reset. With Victoria as the only Grayson, left almost penniless, she is still a threat. But end the new villain, Malcolm Black who's after David & Co. His daughter the hitman Kate, killed Daniel, and Jack killed her. The story takes a new turn, that can only result in an increase in the body count. 

Charlotte loses her innocence and mind after Conrad get killed off, daddy's little girl. Typical rich girl problem, she does drugs and that makes her a bit irration, though she herself becomes more grown up and scheming, less team Demily and more Dango.

Margo is Daniel's new girl this season, a magazine editor she loves turning heads with her hairstyles throughout the season. Her style change was fast unlike Nolan's. You can tell which season it is from his hair.

Nolan's Hair - Please sir, may I have some more?

Season 4 seeing Nolan acquiring a new friend, with more than one type of asset. Louise, a Southern Girl met Victoria where Emily sent her at the end of season 3. This girl hallucinates, innocent and easily manipulate she's team Vicky till she sees the truth. We felt that she was a bit of a side story with a very loud personality and voice. 

Along the way between Charlotte and the fake kidnapping, and her being high and trying to kill Emily and burn down Jack's bar, he became a cop for the same reason Toby (PLLs) does, to protect others. But the system is always corrupt. It's a game of chess.

A Game of Two Queens

We loved the parties and fashion! Those lux invitations are what we aspire to have at our events (as an events planner, not hostess). Though it's a dream to host the annual Halloween party with a theme. Season 1's final ep. ends with the 'Fire & Ice Ball' where Victoria sends everyone their outfits (hence the shades all match), how rich do you have to be to do that? Or do you charge it to their cc? White and pearls is always in and we love Louise & Emily's style!

Set in the Hampton's there's some great sets, including Nolan's modern home (that Emily bought him) and of course the Grayson Mansion. The way the residing queen styles it, and the fabulous parties hosted there. Victoria has a french provincial Martha Stuart feel while Emily later on redecorates giving it a modern feel. Making it more trendy and less like a magazine.

It could have ended at season 3 with Vicky sent to rehab, Grayson killed by David and the Grayson children on a bender, but it goes on. David's been hiding out in a cottage in the woods, the same one in the Mentalist. Did anyone else notice that?

With many victims, though White Gold was a strange addition to the cast... Some characters had to die for the plot to go on, anyone who dates Emily will be killed off as she ultimately needs to end up with her childhood friend Jack. Amanda's death was the most devastating, other than Daniel, as he was just about to change. Hence perfect timing to cut him off.

As we hoped onto the Revenge boat years after it was over high quality pics are a bit harder to find. This one's from season 1, you can tell what season it is from Nolan's hair. XD

Season 3 - Enter Aden, Emily's accomplice. 

That chair... we add need a throne of our own.

Victoria's story was an amazing one, self-made with a bit of help, killer networking skills to get to the very top and become Hampton's Queen. Was there character development for her? Not really, though while ruthless and cunning she always looked out for her family, even if it meant sabotaging them.

The end saw friendships strengthened after struggles. Jack and Margo were friends though Margo was a big bad and on Team Vicky, while Jack was Team Emily. Jack shaved! Like Toby (PLLs) he became a cop to help his friends, though thanks to corruption that was a challenge. Jack's mom turned out to be alive, Stevie Grayson aka the first Mrs Grayson that Vicky stole Conrad from. Season 4 saw Nolan gain a friend who wasn't Emily, Louise from the South, she was obsessed with Victoria and was used by her though ultimately saw the light. A fabulous friend and pawn. Emily's mom Karen was never heard of again after she left.

Emily got the guy! They have a small wedding and she gifts him a new Labrador, as Sammy died (of old age) earlier on. In the first episode Sammy is how they meet. Things are as they should be, but I can't help but miss the old Daniel, before he found his ex and changed. But then he had to die to punish Vicky...

 Emily gets her dad back but only for a short time, as he's sick. So he dies, but behold it turns out she's the niece of Marvel's Agent Carter. With ninja skills she fits right in, but at the same time isn't in the same league as Peggy.

My favourite couple! Pre-crazy ex-girl friend meeting days. Back when he was innocent.

Have you seen Revenge? Who was your favorite couple?

Thursday 13th October

Pho Dzung has pictured a very cursive/squiggly font and it takes googling 'richmond pho' to get the name of the place. After our last experience with asian food (fly's leg in the food) we were iffy, but we're ready to give it another shot!

A big clean looking interior with mirrors that ran the length of both walls, the set up reminded me of another Vietnamese eatery we'd been to in Springvale. 

An easy to read menu complete with pictures! The menu was laminated and reasonable clean, displayed in an easy to read way complete with pictures. It featured rice noodles (pho/udon noodles) and egg noodles (stir fry/wonton noodles).

Would you like to start with spring rolls or rice paper rolls?
This is the first place I've ever been to that suggested an entree instead of drinks, though this happened as we were handed the drinks menu. 

Noodles came in three sizes, with the bowls displayed on the wall like all/most pizza places. Does small and medium look the same to you?

That classic bowl shaped menu on the wall, does anyone actually read them up there?

Four Colour Drink $3.50

Mung bean, red kidney bean, agar jelly, coconut milk

I've seen this drink in the window of many asian places, premade, all they do to serve is add coconut milk and mix it up. I've also seen all the ingredients sold in a DIY kit which I'm keen on trying next time I'm in town.

It was refreshing creamy but light with lots of texture. I love all things coconut! The red kidney bean was a bit on a contrast to the drink, an interesting one, for while it was moist it was dry on the inside in a starchy way.

We both ordered the medium priced at $10, I had the rare beef while he had the braised beef, though really wanted bone marrow, which they didn't have (he's a bone broth fan).

Served with a side of fresh thai basil, lemon wedges, bean sprouts. There was chili oil and hoi sin sauce as usual. The story of jas being discriminated against is a classic when we have pho, though lab partner was indifferent, growing up in an asian town where discrimination was common for the minority. 

When it comes to pho we assess a couple things including quantity, quality and most importantly the flavours of the broth and backbone of the dish itself. This one was perfect! Not an msg laden broth, but one with the perfect balance of flavours especially with a squeeze of (half) a lemon. There was a generous amount of beef, all very thinly cut minimal fat (preferred).

How do I eat it? A bit at a time, moving it into a small bowl to cool faster. Spaghetti twirl some noodle onto a spoon, then top off with beef dipped in hoi sin sauce (use the sauce plate).

It was the best pho I've had in ages, and luckily for us there's another branch in the city!

Service was prompt, with the exception of the drink which arrived half way through the meal. I also didn't like how the waiter was dressed, in sandals and causally, that he appeared at home. 

We'll be back for the same two things I ordered! We're surprised they weren't more busy on a Thursday night been very close to the city, though we did have an early dinner. I'd imagine on Friday/Saturday they'd be very busy!

Tip - Don't order the coconut juice (not water, juice + sugar) as you can get it for around $1.20-1.80 half frozen from the asian shops around, the groceries. Also note that it's a lot sweeter and more artificial than our coconut water, but I love them both!

Where's your go to place for pho?

Pho Dzung Tan Dinh Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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