Hello Again Fringe @ Saturday, November 04, 2017

Thursday 14th Sept

Pre-party dinner with the plumber at KL Bunga Raya, though it's not anywhere near as good as I recalled, it was still a cheap eat. Last year we lived up north for a couple weeks. What an event it has been!

The party said it started at 8pm, being a very arty thing we assumed it started at 8.30pm. Nope. 9.15pm almost and went for about 15mins, one lady three songs. Then DJ. Felt like a Tuesday night... last year it a a preview of the headliners and many shows. If this is the opening party, what are we to expect? Turns out there was more than one opening party that night, and this wasn't the one.


Meetings and brows. Had my brows threaded and tinted at 'The Hair Sity' for $11 normally $25 ($15 threading, $10 tinting) through Groupon. It was very clean and quiet on a Friday afternoon. The weekend is when it gets busy. It's near Auburn Station.

Times Past Magazine: Everyday Antiques in the Home
A Marshall Cavendish Collection in Weekly Parts (1987/88)

Also by the station is a little op shop/goodwill. I think it was a Mecca? The smaller ones (so not the two reds and blue) are the ones with good prices. I bought three of the folders above for $5 each! It coves antiques and everyday life, I picked up the Victoria/Edwardian eras for me and the 20s for jas. They were about 5kgs each! There was also a lovely brooch I wanted but I'd already checked out.

Other things we saw. French books tend to be very trendy, everyone wants to be 'chic' and fashionable. Being japanese is also trending. The two most desirable.

Back to the city we saw Spirited Away at ACMI as a part of the Ghibli Film Festival.

  • The baby is quite entertaining as a mouse, so much expression!
  • When they go back to the car time has passed as there is vegetation/green stuff growing but idk... also the building is different...
  • Can't believe no one follows the rule of if you eat food, in another world, then you're stuck there
  • The stairs scene was hilarious, though stairs are scary...


Dinner at Ping's Dumpling Kitchen. We always get the chicken and prawn pan fried dumplings, they're $11 for 10 making it a cheap eat, I love getting these to share as an entree. Not feeling brave enough to try chinese food other than dumplings, buns and yum cha.


We live two miles from the end of the line so there isn't much out here that delivers, oh how I miss Hawthorn (the location and house, maybe even the guy next door, but certainly not the people). Ordered dinner from Meat in the Middle, this was $26, for an open platter, onion rings and tzatziki. It was good and filling, fulfilling requirements but I much prefer 'Souv & Burger Co. which does a platter for $15.

This was a pretty quiet week with not much on.

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