Liven Eats - Freakshakes @ Three One 2 One @ Saturday, December 02, 2017

Tuesday 17th October

Dinner at Three One 2 One, arriving at 7.45pm they were closing in 15mins?!! Turns out they only had 7 buns left and declared sold out, and it was only Tuesday. Turns out they haven't recovered from the weekend. 

This is one of those places 'instaworthy' where it's all about the food porn. I am not moved by it, things that look better than they taste, but with an offer from Liven count us in! I also feel awks about dining at places that bloggers are all over (via invite) as we weren't invited and so I feel as though I randomly rocked up at someone's place... but it's just a me thing.

Lord of the Cheese $13 - Pastrami, cabbage slaw, pickles, Dijon 

mustard, mozzarella cheese and sliced swiss cheese with smoked mayo

Why are there no salads on the menu?? So I pick a toastie. It's pastrami with cheese, a reuben. Crispy toast, crazy cheese and a good balance of textures, flavours and colour. Though I couldn't finish it and half the shake. Was good but nothing amazing.

Thee Golden Claws $14 - Soft shell crab on a charcoal broiche bun 
with red cabbage slaw, chili and coriander with chipotle mayo, 

Jas had the black crab burger which he inhaled and said it was great. The prices for burgers are good too, he's excited about coming back with the boys.

We're here for that freakshake! Jas orders 'Something Crazy' $19, and we're hoping it lives up to the hype. If not it's ok, cause the Liven offer for $20 off $40 spend, so really this shake is free.

It's a chocolate milkshake, but heavy on the milky liquid side (I prefer them thicker) with bits of chocolate in it (I prefer cookies and cream). With m&ms stuck to the side of the mason jar with copha... hang on a sec, this is what I ordered but doesn't match the description...

I'm very confused... there's description but it says "all shakes have surprise/random topping" (based on what's available) so is this what's just in the shake? Cause I didn't taste most of these things...

Our first mega freakshake! Team effort required to finish it. There's a Belgian waffle, donut and choc wafer in there among many scoops of ice cream and an ice cream cookie! This is the most food pornographic thing I've ever had XD I'd recommend sharing this between 3 at least. Jas says the boys will order one each. While I wonder why it doesn't come in a mini size.

Service was friendly, jas will be back but I probably won't. 
We had salad today in preparation and will be eating salad for the rest of the week. 

Not really impressed by quality, it's more of a for show piece.

Are you a freakshake fan? Or do you do it for the likes?

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