New Things to Try - Afghan Salang @ Monday, December 31, 2018

Saturday 1st July

I waited for jas and ended up with 20mins for dinner, down to 10mins and we've just ordered. We're not going to make it cause I waited. This is not the first time and won't be the last either. *sigh* Advantage of being alone is that there's no one to slow you down.

A very quick eat opposite Dandenong Town Hall before a show, at the most highly rated place in the area. Brightly lit and busy on a Saturday night it was the place to dine on main street.

pastry filled with mince and vegetables. (4 pieces) 

Sambosas are triangles of puff pastry, not spicy as the Indian pyramid ones we'd expected.

BOLANI (V) - $6
traditional flat bread, layered with pumpkin, capsicum,
onion, coriander, garlic and herbs served with yoghurt dip.

The Bolani was x with pumpkin and dill. Gosh I think it was even better the next morning baked back to life dipped in yoghurt! I'd love to learn how to make this. At $6 I'd definitely get this again.

 KOFTA - $16
minced lamb meatballs with mixed vegetables served with bread.

Kofta. Lamb meatballs in a soupy stew with peas, corn and carrots. It was very similar to mom's ragu. A flavoured down version though still hearty and delicious.

At this point we had too much bread, going to get rice next time instead.

Everything was delicious and a winner! Dinner in 12 minutes or less.

Service was friendly and quick for how busy the place was.

Bookings recommended on busy nights.

Can't wait to return for the banquet menu!

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Cheap Eats - Ping's Dumpling Kitchen @ Sunday, December 30, 2018

Monday 7th August

I'm not a fan of Chinese food with a few exceptions and one those is dumplings!!
At 9pm on a Monday and it's very loud in here learning towards night club with students. The majority Asians so you know they do Chinese food well.

Cash only as expected. Dimly lit from the outside. No deco other than coloured paper scattering the walls of menu items with no pictures. A drinks fridge sits in the corner radiating very brightly.

Chicken and Prawns Dumplings (Pan fried) 10 for $11.

The dumplings were perfectly crispy without being oily perhaps order this to share as an entree though or have it on the side of a dry noodle dish. Also needs a salad. 

Steamed Egg Custard Buns - 4 for $5.50 

The custard buns weren't sweet enough for me, though still nice. Warm and homely I love them.

Service was minimal. Gosh I think the last time we went for just dumplings at an eatery was back in high school. There was a pebble in one of them... but that was a different place.

We've been back a few times since our first visit and always get the same dumplings, which are consistently good! Even had a chance to eat in once, though I do prefer takeaway.

Where do you like to go for dumplings?

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Quick Eats - Spud Bar @ Saturday, December 29, 2018

One of our favourite healthy eats is SpudBar. So many options... though the chicken and avocado is a favourite, it tastes super fresh. The original is good too. The poke bowl too trendy and the flavours just don't work. Always get dine in as that serving is bigger than takeaway. Large servings means we always get some takeaway too.

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Churros @ Chocolateria San Churro @ Friday, December 28, 2018

26th December 2017

What deep fried and covered in chocolate? Churros! 

San Churros is a dessert spot out front at Chadstone, and one that has all things chocolate, ice cream, custom sundae bars and all the works! Though their signature item is churros, freshly pipped straight into the fryer and served, with a sprinkle of powdered sugar before been dipped into a melted pot of chocolate!

Over the years we've tried all the dips except the new ruby one (it looks like strawberry but is more yoghurty than anything). The white chocolate is super sweet (think condense milk), there's a caramel too. But we can't go past the dark and milk combo.

Chadstone is the biggest of the three locations we've been to, with seats outside and many inside. In summer there's air con and it's lovely. A nice spot for dessert, though a bit pricey as all dessert places are. 

Where's your go to dessert spot? 

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It's My Birthday! @ Thursday, December 27, 2018

Tuesday 26th Dec 2017

It's my birthday! Though its been my birthday for the past week too with our 20th friendsanniversary and all. 

Our annual thing is to go shopping at Chadstone then do the city the next day. Though I think I''m getting too old for all these lines... what's your birthday tradition?
Back home we'd start the day at IHOP and go see a movie. 

Let the lines begin! We were in line at 8.25 on the freeway, and got in around 45mins later. 45mins to get in and out of Lush, 25mins for a Boost. Life is a series off lines. 

What did we buy? Less than you'd think. Beauty/skincare/perfume gift sets come once a year and this is the time to buy. We bought a MOR Marshmellow set. Chasing diaries at Kikki K, the one I was after was only online. But then there was another one I was after, and got the very last one. Now awaiting the first to be delivered.

Furuta had a GWP offer, so we had some iced teas. Picked up tea for jas. Their jams were sold out but they had less than a handful that morning anyway.

A lot of wandering and not a lot off buying. But we did find Godiva, $16 for a box of 4! That was 50% off, so normally $8 a chocolate O.O these better be amazing. 

With all the chocolate sales we bought candy cane and gingerbread lindor balls, 50% off. Loved these. 

Snacking along the way we had a boost and muffin. 
Lunching at sumo, there were no lines at all...

Free fries!

New Shanghai for Dumplings! And cake, limited edition.

The Crowds

Free Churros!

By 4-6pm-ish we were ready to go home after moving the car no less than 3 times due to the 3hr parking limit. 

Free Subway!

Wednesday 27th Dec

Day 2 of the shopping marathon. 

The shopping continues in the city, there's no lines at lush... we picked up a keyring, journal and. cosmetic bag. Also tomorrow's lunch.

A late lunch at Spudbar. It doesn't feel like my birthday anymore. 

Over the years it all blends into one. Sale upon sale is what I'm after.

Bought some mince pies to share and shoes. They say they were on sale but at $110 I don't agree. Bought them anyway. The shoes I bought two weeks ago have stretched too much, and I don't think will last for another month. Is it just my feet? Am I resigned to to lace up school shoes?

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