First Week Back @ Friday, March 11, 2016

Monday 29th Feb

The girl next door is annoying. At 11pm she didn't want to go to the shops alone and asked me to walk with her. No. Note that we both just got back. She's quite a dim bulb. She then asked me for dinner and asked me if I recommended having two credit cards and informed me she lost her purse. Well done. No I will not help you. No I won't give you food, milk, juice or anything. Leave me alone. You smell and I don't like you. So glad she's moving upstairs soon! It can't come soon enough. Pathetic little thing.

The week after she asks me for milk again...

I'm curious if anyone has gold digger friends? Like overall gold diggers, not just with their fling of the month. I have one, met at school, best kept at school and no anywhere that involves financial matters. Something he does is recall what things everyone has that he can take advantage of. Le beau would point out this is called networking, but in networking it goes both ways. Gold diggery only goes one way. Usually.


First day of autumn, or rather other day in Melbourne, it's summer today. 

The morning was spent on a job hunt, call calling. Two places said they only hired permanent residents... it's the accent isn't it? Two places looking for people, cafes. One is a group that is very popular for brunch!

If you fail that's quite a hefty fine!

We went for a stroll after meeting someone at the courts and discovered the location of a cafe on my list and two others. Snow Pony, Turkish Tea House and One Piece Cafe. After some research I'll give the last one a pass, as half the reviews are all on the same dishes and by invited bloggers. The other reviews are meh.

Quick milkshake stop, picked up some recipes from a vending machine and candy from Dior. Then off to class. Girl's bathroom's under reno, other bathroom no toilet paper. Welcome to VU - BYO toilet paper, like Brad.

Repeating a subject I epicly failed to due to the bad group last time, but this time I know three of the guys in the class. Also the teacher is fun, not mr psych cool, but she's nice, though admits she's a hard marker. 

After class we whizzed off to a informative concert. Le beau would have loved it, we learnt a lot of music theory and listened to Bach's Air on G String. XD


Yelp + SASS Rooftop Fashion Party!

Something we noticed was girls and selfies, it's addictive for them. There was one pair that took selfies in every corner of each room! Back when I was in school they were known as cam whores, though now it's a highly accepted and encouraged practice. Tick for narcissism.

From the cast of Sweeney Todd (Mrs Lovett, The Beadle, Pirelli and Mad Lucy) comes 'Banquet of Secrets'.

Four friends meet for their annual dinner. Yes annual cause everyone is so busy all the time. Some legit others keeping minimal contact.

JP (who looks like a Basil) the host gets them into playing a game of truths. The dr killed his wife to end her suffering. Rosie, the single mom artist has a crush on her friend, but married someone else anyway and had kids. Mia the so busy all the time business woman's on her third marriage, her secret: she had a baby 21yrs ago and gave it up. The dr is the father. And Basil? This is his last meetup, he's dying.

Shocking? To the players yes, me no. Through crime shows and dramas we're desensitized. Thrillers on stage don't posses the same cinematic effects as on screen. I quite like 'How to get away with murder'.

A giant screen/mirror with a gold ornate frame reflects the simple set of the dinning table, and dishes that dissapear pretty quickly, under the table. A waiter interrupts between each course, diffusing the tensions.

A musical, good practice to read subtitles less and listen closely. 1.5hrs no interval. Plan food and after, you'll get hungry!

I'm a bit cold but can't put on a cardi because it's dry clean only and I'm coated in sunscreen. Outside it's cool now, though in the underground it's still humid and sticky. Fun. Summer. 


Lunch at Yuzu Cuisine, in a hidden lane that not many would stumble upon, in Church Lane around the corner from the food court where Mason Dixon resigns, beside the Oak Hotel.

It was a warm but not hot day so we walked back to the office, but not before stopping for a slice of pumpkin pie from Mason Dixon. At $6 it's on the small side, worth at $4-4.50 I'd say, but still very good. Because pumpkin pie is always good!

Group work. Sucks. We have the option of an extra hour of travel each way, or international classes. Hmm... we ended up with the later, and have three team members. One has an accent I don't understand and there's a group of five asians of which only two speak, relying on their leader to translate their whispers. I really don't like working with people who don't speak english. The project is to do a pitch to get funding, and with two people I don't think we're going to make it!!

Back at the boarding house my stuff on the line is missing! Hopefully someone took everything off the line rather than intentionally taking my stuff. Had to fill out a report, my black lace with pearls and a key charm underwear is missing. I feel violated!! 

Update - Found it, someone hide it inside someone's track suit pants (not mine) in the laundry. Ewww!!! I threw it out. 


Group meeting. A couple people rocked up. No one but me did any work. 

We didn't make it to work... Missed the tram that came minutes early as I was across the street. Missed my stop. Luckily caught the one going in the opposite direction. Got off at the intersection. Walked to the next stop. Got on tram to discover I'm heading in the wrong direction. This is not my day. On top of that I nearly got hit by a car that didn't stop in time for the lights because she was eating!!

In the end we went shopping, saved $200 and hung out at the library, but first was locked out, like yesterday. Is this a sign that I shouldn't go to the library?

The Weekend

After 4mths we did it, we made a gingerbread house! It didn't go to plan as the icing went everywhere, when I thought it would be like a white out pen... Gum drops were no where to be found.

5am start for an event. We found the back of the school and a lake. There's a lake here?! It was dark and we were lost. It was a nice venue, with pink roses that lined the driveway. This was the most perfect one I saw, though it drooped by the time we got to the station. It was 25 though felt more like 30.

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