Yelp x SASS Rooftop Fashion Party! @ Monday, March 14, 2016

Wednesday 2nd March

Yelp + SASS Rooftop Fashion Party! Located uphill on Little Bourke past Shanghai Dumplings and in Racing Club Lane, before Dex2rose was the venue for tonight's party. 

A small unsuspecting staircase lead us to an event space, that could be a gallery or anything really. A white palette ready to be painted. 

Tonight's palette was good vibes with things to be sampled, lots of drinks and huge clouds of fairy floss! Also Sass's Fashion adored the space, from street wear to a lacy white dress. What's with white dresses these days? They seem very popular, though I'm a fan of black lace and beading. 

Treats from Our Host

SASS Fashion

Hello cloud of sugar! To the left is Ben.

The highlight of the rooftop were wisps of clouds, or rather massive soft fluffy beautiful cotton candy, by Spun Fairyfloss. They came in a range of flavours including my pick the raspberry. As they were massive I share one with Ben (my +1 tonight).

Continuing on from the sugar high, was coffee!! Proudly powering Melbourne/adults. We welcome Sensory Lab's Cold Brew Coffee. Jas didn't really like it, as he said it tasted like regular/instant coffee.

If after work coffee isn't your thing then there's ciders, vodka and wine. Two drinks per a person as it's a Wednesday Night. Ben had to leave early and ran off with my card so we didn't try anymore drinks, though with another event next this mightn't have been a good idea.

Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider

We have cookies from Byron Bay! They have a cafe there too. Perfect bite size.

On the roof a DJ pumped tunes while giving away visors and promoting 'Piknic Electronik' a family friendly open air party every Sunday 1-9pm at The Paddock at Fed Sq, 17th Jan - 3rd Apr, tickets $15+.

Downstairs there was Tap Wine, a photo printer that looked like one of those retro cube-ish tvs, and cheese - but nothing like you've had before. Cornelius Cheese's Nitrocheese!! Triple cream brie + white alba truffle + cream + nitrogen = Nitro Cheese!! It's fluffy, light and cream but savory chesse!! It's pretty awesome, though at a party with a few drinks the boys might get carried away with this! XD

Bodypass has come to Melbourne, it's like a gym membership, but isn't restricted to one chain, instead " they allow you to visit multiple studios and classes without committing to one specific gym. It means users not only keep their workouts fresh, fun and interesting, but also ensure exercise stays effective by constantly switching things up." There's a 3 class per studio per month limit, but there's plenty of studios around. At $50 for the first month then $100 after that, that looks like a good deal. 

Benny & I had the 'Berry Glow 2' with apple, strawberry and coconut. Fun, simple and something we can make at home. One of the more kid-friendly selections, as oppose to almond banana smoothies and something green.

Pressed Juices was onsite with drinks for the health conscious-ish. "No additives or preservatives; just raw, natural produce straight from the farm to the bottle." These drinks are $10 and are loved by instagramers, to the point where I could have sworn it was sponsored. Who honestly spends $10 on a drink that doesn't get you drunk? Pressed also uses all those superfood strange new age ingredients, which isn't our style. I prefer Boost, and making my own smoothies (if I had a blender). Most well known for their cleanses, which to me makes no sense as you have organs that already do that. 

Is this an adult rum ball? We sampled some bliss balls, think truffles but with ten ingredients e.g. coconut oil/flour/nectar/creamed coconut, lemon juice/zest, almond meal, baobab??? and vanilla bean. So it's pretty much a ball of coconut. Are you suppose to have this instead of a cookie? It tasted very foreign to us.

From Sydney comes Sushi Hub provided canapes, freshly cut/torched nigiri/hand rolls and sashimi, on cute little Barbie sized trays. Recently they've come to Melbourne, and have a few stores including at QV and opposite City Square. I've never had sashimi before so this was a first, it doesn't smell or anything, and the texture was beautiful! Fresh, smooth, silky and melts in your mouth. 

My favourite, blow torched salmon nigiri though I added a lot more sauce when I made it.

The highlight of this event would certainly be the cheese! Sushi I love too, and fairy floss. It was a great event to promote goods (food) and services (the gym), and we had a fun time. Thanks for hosting Yelp, and thanks for all the freebies!

Have you tried any of these brands? How do you feel about sushi?

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