Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar 2015 @ Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Saturday 5th December

Caught up in the big move late last November a few posts were displaced and we were behind on the blog for some time, but we're almost there! The Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar is a fete held every year on the first weekend in December at the Swedish Church, in South Yarra, just a tram from the station. It's a very popular event attracting over 10,000 each year.

There's lots of home deco things.

Christmas tree deco. If only that bunny was covered in glitter!

How cute are these guys? It does seem very odd that summer is hot, and there's no snow.

By Marja Leena there were canvas prints, prints and these beautiful cards!

Rent and can't paint/paper your walls? Try wall hangings.

Wooden ornaments, we bought the gingerbread man,pudding and bunny. 

Random prize draw from one of those spiny things, there were lots of homeware prizes.  

Assorted candy, I can't recall the prices, but they were around $2 per 100g.

It was a warm day, and we were hoping for Scandinavian ice cream, but there was only the standard. For there kids there were plenty of activities including entertainers and a petting zoo.   

For lunch there was one main caterer, and also other stalls.

$12 Open Sandwiches were the main feature, and beautifully presented.

While simple there was a generous serve of prawns, and classic flavours. 

Jas picked the meatball, which had vibrant contrasting colours.

Think we need a tzatziki sauce. 


It might be small tiny for $4, but it was so light and fluffy!

For dessert there were also ginger thin-like cookies (Ikea) and pastries. 

The other caterer had different foods, of which we tried two.

Danish Hotdog $7

Pancake Puffs $8 - We got a bit excited and may have bought twice as much as required. Deep fried donut but denser cake balls sprinkled with icing sugar and a drizzle of strawberry jam.

We had a fun time at the fete, it had also been on our list for a year or so before we went. Lots of homewares, games and food that we haven't seen elsewhere. I'd recommend checking it out.

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