Red Velvet Cake Pops @ Monday, March 07, 2016

Cake pops are awesome! It's a ball of cake mixed with cream cheese or frosting, coated in chocolate. On a stick, like a lollipop, but it looks like a truffle. We had an afternoon tea, and everyone was bringing something. With a few boxes of cake mix (because I live at a boarding house with limited space) this was the perfect time to use my brand new/never used whisk, as well a cake pop set.

It's much easier than you think if you google tips. You start by making a simple sponge. 

I've never made a red cake before, should note it stains, we got it all the walls and floors...

Baked! I have never made a sheet cake before, so diced it up to check if it's baked.

Baked and ready to dice up.

It's much easier to use a food processor, but if you don't have one all you need is a knife. Keep dicing and chopping, when it's turned into small crumbs incorporate the frosting. We started with half a jar and added more if it was not sticky enough. 

This was the frosting we used. Keeps the cake moist. 

You can either weigh the mixture to make them all perfect and even, or use measuring spoons. Each ball is one tablespoon, which was a bit big.

Perfect golf balls. 

A while few years ago we bought this cake pop kit for $5, which comes with the sticks (which you can get from asian shops), bags, ribbon (not pre-cut) and a stand.

After refrigerating the balls for an hour, melt some chocolate, dip the stick in them then into the balls. Refrigerate for a few hours. 

With the chocolate don't microwave it, use a double boiler or DIY one, with a glass bowl in a bigger bowl with hot water. Don't take the balls out of the fridge until you're ready to dip them.

Dip them, then place them in the holder to have them upright. After they dry a bit then you can place them on a foil lined tray. Dry over a few hours - don't place them in the fridge, that'll make them sticky!



Everyone liked them, and almost no one knew what a cake pop was... though my class is almost all parents and grandparents. Because of the frosting the cake were moist even a week later.

You might want to grab a plate, after I took this shot the cake fell off the stick and into the gaps on the keyboard. This is why you rarely ever see my laptop in shoots. Food + laptop = bad idea.

Have you ever made cake pops?

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