Friday 28th April
Charlie & Co. dined as a guest of Feastively, though also purchased a kit afterwards.

It's also a rainy windy day, one of the first autumn days. A couple days ago it was summer, for three days. The weather's definitely stay-in weather, especially as we don't drive. Does Deliveroo deliver in bad weather? Luckily today we've planned ahead and don't even have to take a peak outside, instead we have quick easy and delicious meals straight from the fridge, from Feastivity!

Feastively is Melbourne's fastest and easiest dinner cooking kit. "1 pan, 3 steps and 15 minutes is all it takes to create a chef grade meal for those you love".

Unlike the other boxes which send ingredients for you to prepare, Feastively has everything ready, you just need to put it together really. "All the prep work for you like chopping veggies, cooking rice or quinoa and we even prepare the sauces and marinades." This is wonderful as I'm really not a fan of chopping, IMO the most dreaded part of cooking.

The Kit & Three Steps

These kebabs were quick, fun and easy! Also yummy, though a bit chewy for me.

Mixed Veg Korma with Basmati Rice

One pan cooking!

One of the best kits we've had, on the flip side of the instructions there's the actual recipe so when you have more time you could create this at home yourself. Servings are generous.

Brown packages we love! This one's waxy on the inside, so in case something leaks (we've tried four boxes, they don't leak) but rather the ice blocks melts, it doesn't go through the box.

Seafood Pasta - Yum! Fresh and full of flavour this one is another favourite kit, and one I'm excited about making at home. Relatively easy, the prawns shall be the biggest challenge.

Quicker than boiling an egg (10mins, hard boiled) the seafood pasta was fun and easy to create. Full of flavour you could see from the paasta sauce, packed with herbs and spices. For me it had all the chili it required, though there's a pack of dried chili flakes included if you want more heat.

We're tried four meals from Feastively and this one's my second favorite after the burger. Serves 3-4 I'd say, though I eat small serving. Like with the veg korma the servings for two are very generous. 

Have you tried Feastively? They do burger kits too!

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