Two Interviews & Three Shows @ Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday 10th April

Job interview. We got lost, uber maps wasn't great either... fortunately others were late too. Train, bus and uber. The position is for marking standardized tests, the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy 2017 (Naplan). Le beau and the teachers hate this test, as it ranks you against others in the state. Not how good you are, but how good you are compared to others. - That is life, most of the time. 

It's ok not to be smart, some kids have other gifts, but this test is a downer if you're not an academic. This test is hard, how do you do well on it? Have a tutor who specifically trained you for this test.

Update - I got the job. 

Lunch at Samurai end of day specials onion pancake  $4, it's huge! This is a snack for two, it was good though got boring and was thicker than usual, oven baked it was a healthy choices beside the deep fried goodness and oily noodles. 


A day at the office, an interview, crashing and three shows. All in a day, I like to make the most of my time left. I always thought the best compliment was "You're so pretty!" (Which I rarely ever hear, I'm not pretty but I have a great wardrobe and stuff, very materialistic). But then someone said something to me, a line that I've given but never received: you remind me of me when I was younger.

Update - Didn't get the job, but made it to round 2 interviews.

On the way to the shows we stopped for a quick and cheap dinner at Nhu Lan. While we're a regular at their Footscray store for years, we've never been to the Richmond one.

Three shows a night, that's what efficiently looks like. Unfortunately the first two shows were dud, though tickets were $5. The first made plenty of sex jokes and had the big o on stage. Nope. The second was a talk show host, he had no idea what he was doing.

Meanwhile at City Hall.
The third with a trio act with Edinburgh comedians from up left north. That was hilarious! My favorite story? The gf brings crack to a party, an awards night with 500 cops and the best sniffer dog of the year. XD I don't think you could make that up!


My last day of real food, till next Thursday (we've got dinner booked ).

Turns out you can't take pictures at the pool?! I was shooting a donut, if I wanted skin I'd go outside on a Friday night. People wear more to the pool than clubbing.

Temptation is everywhere. I need help. Chatime, the premium with pearls  $5.50, the classic with black tea and light chewy tapioca pearls that have a hit of sweetness. They aren't though marbles of rubber I recall back home. Service was great from Kidson who made an attempt to look me up (forgot the card, as I didn't plan on going out today). At 11.30am it was very quiet. Quieter than Starbucks ever.


The day has come. For dental surgery. No pictures were taken before I wasn't fully mentally there and doubt I could have sneaked a camera into surgery, also there was blood everywhere.

They said I can't go shopping on the same day, but I did it! Found a $54 black skirt for dance! Ok for work too, it flows. Only one of the two dresses I wanted was one sale, there's no more free postage if you buy in stores via transfer. :( We've got cherries on white, hoping to swap for black on the forums.

Surprisingly aldi had key lime pie! More like lemon, it really needs that blow torched meringue top. Hospital food is gross, I do wonder how it compares to aeroplane food. A week of rest has been prescribed, but that doesn't stop us from catching up on adventures!

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