Club Royale @ Chadstone @ Sunday, October 15, 2017

Saturday 26th August

Club Royale. Things aren't as they appear. For the promo pictures there were big prizes that you could win, alas that was just for media night and not reality. Our goal is to be invited to these events.

Spread across the center Club Royale was a series of three games you could play to win small prizes. The first was arcade games. Basketball and sketer ball won tix while pinball and Co didn't. Pick one or the other. The prize for everyone was the same, the classic 'spend and save' translation: not really worth anything. It was about the thrill and tickets though.

Bowling was another activity station. The line was looong. You get a $20 voucher if you win, if not you get a spend and save voucher. Andy won a nail polish kit (worth $20) though it was old stock (separating) while I won a $20 Mecca giftcard.

The claw was the most time consuming. Most of the time even if you got the box the claw dropped it over and over. Every few go it would be strong enough to grip it, but not often.

Prizes included scarves, $100 vouchers but mainly home decor consultations which lead to more spending.

Worth your time? Nope. My shoulder hurts... If you must do one go bowling. Not worth a trip, only if you happen to be already there as we were.

The event was ran by promo models, some were friendlier than others. Others know they're hired because of their looks and act as if they're above you because they were born with better looks. We're not a fan of events that attract those kinds.

Did you go to the Club Royale Games? What's your favourite arcade game?

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