Little Bites - Kokido Chicken @ Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tuesday 22nd August

Lunch from Kokido, sounds jap but isn't. It's an Indian inspired chicken shop. Bright cherry deco, but that's about it where the positives end sadly (except for the fries). I wanted to like this place. Located on a lonely strip, location isn't on its side, but parking is.

Six unique salads, you won't find garden salads here. The selections are on the website.

Hazelnut Cookie + Nutella Drop did look beautiful, just like a kiss. 

Moroccan Carrot (Small Salad) $6

There were six fun salads to choose from, though I wonder what they're like in practice. 
Dunkha salad, well the dunka was overpowering rending the rest inedible. It was actually called the 'Moroccan Carrot' - Roasted Carrot, Spinach, Chickpeas, Za'atar Crisps

Rustic Cut Chips $4

Grill'd style well seasoned with herbs and spices, sweet chili mayo would be the perfect dip! The serving was large, and I'd get this again. Though not from Kokido. 

Original Lemon & Herbs (Half) $10

Fairly average. As usual the marinade was only on the outside, needs more lemon. Should note that's 1/4 in the picture, there is more than that.

We were going to eat in, but the back of the chair was greasy much like all the cutlery! The glasses were dirty too... there was something seriously wrong so we got the order to go.

This is the place with the grossest cutlery I've seen, Misty's was bad but this was a new level!

Service was friendly. Stop by for the chips, get takeaway. Maybe. I'm not sure how clean the kitchen is...

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