Fondue @ The Swiss Club @ Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thursday 12th October

Located on Flinders Lane, East Side we've always had our eye on the Swiss Club, a frequent group buy deal.

One night we finally did it. Dinner at the Swiss Club. On a Thursday evening we were the only people there, it felt dated and we're all wondering been so overpriced how they're still alive.

Starting with Swiss Onion Soup $12*. (*Though we were charged 15pp - jas used my credit to pay, didn't check the bill, this is why I'm in charge.) 

Fun story, I actually came back and she insisted it as $15 and sent someone to find the blackboard (it was a special) though I had taken a photo the night we dined, but she didn't believe me. This is why they're getting a low rating, service and price.

Fondue for Two  is $26 x 2 = $52

It's the cheese and comes with bread and pears. That's it. For 26pp we'd expected more than just bread, cheese and pears. This is probably the most expensive meal I have ever had (where it was not some charity event I was dragged to).

This is what you get for $52.

Service on the night was fine, service after from the matron was terrible. Not only was it overpriced for what you get, we were scammed/overcharged. Don't eat here, do your own fondue at home. 

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