Birthday Dinner @ Hinoak Korean BBQ! @ Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sunday 23rd December

So this turned out to be my birthday dinner, so you know it's going to: 
a. be more than a usual dinner
b. and be great already. :P

Tonight we're delighted to be dining at Hinoak Korean Charcoal BBQ which we've had on our list since they started construction (and appeared on instagram), beside Syndal Station, on our line (since moving home from college).

With a modern open plan design with elements of wood and concrete, Hinoak is like no where else we've been and there's air con! So you can still bbq in summer without the risk of a fire/being suffocated. Normally bbq places don't have air con.

They're pretty new being been open for only 7 weeks, as on the date of our visit.

Parking was great on a Sunday, there's a car park between them and the gym, and also the station parking.

After a welcome from the manager Jason (I won a competition for dinner for 3), we were introduced to Daisy, our very friendly waitress for the night.

The list of drinks was extensive! Though mother quickly said it was the devil's drink... and she wonders why she's not welcome in public XD Her comments are much more acceptable when we call her grandma in the story.

There weren't really any mocktails, though we love our sodas!

We had milkis which I'd say is the Korean version of Calpis (Jap), while the parents had the grape drink and rice milk drink. No comment are a good thing from them. 

Steamed (Kimchi + Vege) Dumplings

With a thin gyoza like skin, these were pretty good. 
They weren't bland nor too salty but just right. Recommended.

Jap-chae - Sautéed vegetables with beef and glass sweet potato noodles 

I have loved jap-chae ever since discovering it at gami! And these were better than gami, with a slight sweet sauce and clear sweet potato noodles, something rare/unfamiliar, they weren't as chewy and slippery with a fork. Sesame seeds added texture, and the mushrooms and beef was perfectly sauteed.

On the entree/shared plates menu they also have Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)! But I think we're about to over order... also we're kinda here for BBQ. Next time.

We're excited about the BBQ! There four sets to choose from ranging from $80 to $140, we picked one in the middle, the 'Fly me to Korea' set with...
Pork Belly + Wagyu chuck tail flaps + Wagyu Oyster blade + Marinated Beef ribs 

The set includes a serving of side dishes, vegetables (4 dishes) and individual traditional sauces.

The side dishes. Bottom left is kim chi, which Andy said is not too spicy - mother loved it and the waitress refilled it a few times. She'd also like to buy a jar to take home, buy unfortunately doesn't believe in spending money. Killjoy.

We also got some dips: salt and pepper, soy bean powder - reminds me of a cake... but savory, and the red sauce - a chili sauce with a secret recipe.

We also ordered an extra side of mushrooms, as I love them, rice for everyone and a soup. Were we meant to start with the soup? It was kinda forgotten with the mouth watering BBQ in front of us.

Soft Tofu with Seafood Stew 

Homemade broth with marinara mix, silken tofu, zucchini, and onion garnished with egg.
The soup slightly spicy with lots of texture as you'd expect. It was good, but like an entree.

Back to the BBQ. 

Thing with mushrooms is rice cake noodles good with the chili sauce (only a hint spicy till the end). Back plate, middle.

Pork belly - not chewy, tender not marinated but good with chilli sauce
Oyster blades beef - the princess (yes that's me) struggles.
Short tail - OMG so tender!!
Marinated Short ribs - quiet tender but with chewy bits too

Would be nicer if everything was marinated, said mother and I agree though she cooks jap so everything is marinated, whereas mainstreamy, meat is not marinated as much. Andy had chili sauce with almost everything. Plenty of sides to add flavour though.

Everything was good, though I prefer the more soft and tender cuts. I'd say this set serves 2-3 people. How does it compare to other Korean BBQs? This is only my second/third experience so I'm not sure.

  • It was a little squishy on the table cause we ordered so much.
  • Least smokey bbq we've been to. Well ventilated with air con, they've got bookings for next year already!
  • Something collapsed on the table next to us which scary! No one got hurt though. By the way they also have hot pot here.

Dessert! Only two options. Green tea and black sesame ice cream. I love them both. Black sesame is the one though. Green was mid strength (Parm magnum is strong, no that's not a typo, Parm is the brand, Japanese shops often sell it).

The bill would have been almost $50pp with everything we had, two entrees, a soup with rice for four, bbq set and a sodas each. I'd say on pricing it's about standard, as Korean BBQ starts from $30+ pp though that's the cheaper sets. 

Service was fantastic! We had Daisy serve us, she was very friendly and knowledgeable, even the parents had a good time (and they always have something to complain about from the music choice to deco, mother can give you a bad review before she even gets there).

Will be we back? Yes! Father wants to bring his friends, and they do hot plates here too, so you can dine alone. We'd definitely be back for a special dinner! - Unless they do bbq for just one or two people. :P

Hinoak Korean BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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