Lunching @ The Glen - Sugar Cane Juice @ Tuesday, December 25, 2018

When it comes to festival food, and drinks sugar cane juice and coconuts (like the entire thing complete with an umbrella) are my favourites. And things you don't see often else ware, though there are a couples places in the city that do sugar cane, there are none near me. 

Each December we work at the local mall, and since last year 'Saccha' has popped up outside Safeway (new location, used to be upstairs and then before that where the bottle shop was).

Like at the festivals you can get syrups added to your sugar cane juice, though I like it pure. Something I also like is that price is sized based, on the cup, rather than your level of ice (or scam as we like to put it). At $5.50 for a small cup it's pretty much the same price as a Boost, and so an occasional treat when we're in town. 

Service is adequate, varies, sometimes friendly though once it the girl was on the phone and I was bothering her... So I'd say it's fine, not as friendly as the other juice bars.

Definitely worth checking out if you're in the mall.


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