Dinner @ Yuzu, Japanese @ Monday, December 24, 2018

Friday 22nd December

After breakfast, checking out and getting our luggage sent home we went shopping, bought stuff from Typo and Sisko, a boutique chocolate shop.

Heading home we stopped by the city for donuts and dinner, in that order. It was as busy always, away from the tranquil Sage.

Dinner at Yuzu. We've been meaning to return for some time, but haven't made it till now prompted by liven. We haven't been here in maybe a year? But the waitress remembers me O.o.

Whoops you're meant to book, but it's ok if you rock up alone and want to sit at the sashimi station.

The mushroom bento $21 and nori fries $5 please. I love Japanese food though have yet to go to any of the local places, as I prefer the city. With some much competition it's cheaper.

Nori Fries $5
chili nori fries w garlic mayo 

Mushroom Bento $21

Salad w sesame kewpie. Soba in dashi broth, cold silken tofu with a light brown sauce. Seaweed salad. Need more of this as most of the cup was regular salad. Also needs more dressing (you can ask). The rice was different more like sticky and mushy but different not bad mush different mush. Mushroom was sauteed and slightly salty perfectly balanced with the rice.

The bento was huge! It was more like a tray than the idea of a lunch box, oh I do regret getting fries to start. It was very good and certainly matched the prices.

Service was very friendly especially the chef behind the bar, we'll be back!

We've been here a few times over the years, even gotten delivery. I've had the chicken, beef, fish and mushroom bento. The beef is my favourite, though they're all good. Check out my review on the other three bentos here.

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