March 2020

First time visit to BonBon Bakery at the 24hr Kmart in Burwood, we're familiar with them as we like to stop by the Box Hill franchise whenever we pass by. Their swiss rolls are amazing. There was one in the city on Flinders long ago too.

Always take a picture before leaving the shop, cause I have dropped stuff before. :P

We were super busy last year so didn't have time till now (with all my events cancelled) to get a cake. Delighted to get this durian one, it's lighter in colour than in the catalog. So fluffy and light! Loving this sponge and the perfect layers of cream. It's like those typical Asian birthday cakes.

While I can smell the durian it's actually very light on the durian. There was more durian chunks, but being chunky it was all in one area... needs to be blended into the cream and spread evenly.

I'd prefer the fruit sponge from Bonbon. This is your starter durian cake. If you love durian I'd get a different cake. This with a coffee cream would be awesome too. Would definitely get another sponge cake based cake from Bonbon, but I found the durian too light as someone would loves it. For my durian cake needs we go to HS Cakes, he waits outside XD

Cost $40, sorry I don't recall what size it was. Service was friendly and required two days notice.

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Papparich @ The Glen @ Thursday, April 16, 2020

Tuesday 17th March

It's been 5 days since events were cancelled and soon after all the theatres, museums and libraries closed. But here it's Day 3 at PappaRich upstairs in the new outdoor dinning area at The Glen, after just opening three days ago. 

Papparich used to be on the main street, packed with tables very close just like at QV. But here it's large and airy, I love that the four groups and literally spread out across the restaurant and not in one section for easy service (it was the start of rona at the time). As it's new it's super clean! Modern and not QV hawker style crowded (from what we've seen on tv) at all.

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken
Infused steamed coconut rice served with curry chicken, fried anchovies 
& groundnut, hard boiled egg, cucumber slices and our spicy savoury sambal.

Celebrating 8yrs they're doing $8 offers daily and today it's nasi lemak, they out of coconut rice so we got chicken rice with the curry chicken. Tender chicken with lots of flavour, hold the chili, it was perfect. Definitely going to return for other offers.

When we got there at 6.30pm there were only four other tables though by 8pm it was a third full. I do feel like you have to know it's here to find it, as it's not really advertised much, sadly not a good time to have an opening party. .

A waitress took my order, as it was quiet, but they have ipads at each time, and a door bell and pad. The layout is completely different from the QV food court feel and Nunawading one, you could actually take a date here. 

Hainan Toast with Kaya Butter

Back on a Saturday night for the $8 offer of the day, kaya and butter toast dipped in soft boiled egg was a new experience. Counter guy says it's a personal experience where some like to add salt, pepper and soy sauce to the egg. Andy suggested dipping the toast in condense milk but then I think the flavours of the kaya would be lost as it's so sweet?

I really like the toast, though don't think I'm going to drink soft boiled egg again as much as I do love egg and soldiers (when le beau makes it). It was a weird combo...

9pm last orders on a Saturday night with staff to diner ratio was close to 1:1. 
Service was very friendly.

Update - The Glen location is closed till further notice, like all the other places in the new outdoor dinning area.

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GW Eats // The Pancake Parlour @ Wednesday, April 15, 2020

March 2020

Glen Waverley Location

The place to go for pancakes that doesn't cost a $20 for a short stack. Should note that we never pay full price here and only a fool would do that. We always use docket offers (back of supermarket receipts) or offers on the app. When we buy short stacks (2 pancakes) it's always BOGOF $12 for them both. Sadly we have paid full price ($60 for 2) on a date but that was around a decade ago.

We frequent two locations these days, the one city one that's unfortunately in the night club/pub area on the weekend (don't use the bathroom there) and our local much more quiet, but still open late Glen Waverley location on the main street. 

Cheese and Potato Pancake $24*
...with a crust of golden melting cheese, topped with 
whipped butter and served with a side salad.

Lately there's been a $5 Friday offer, a choice from three savory offers. The cheese and potato pancake is my favourite, it's much bigger than you think. I know sometimes they do an entree and meal sized option, but this one is definitely meal sized, we could barely finish it. Rich and comforting contrasted with a fresh and crispy salad, the perfect meal. It's normally $24 which is pretty crazy, brunch price.

Shove Tuesday - Pancake Parlour were giving away single stacks, though is it called a stack if it's just one? The perfect serving size really.

Service is always friendly, and they're often open late for a post-movie snack.

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Richmond Eats @ Vinh Ky @ Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Weekend in March

Dinner at Vinh Ky, I suspect this place is fusion. He chose it without looking up reviews. A bit after 10pm on a Saturday night not much is open other than bars on Victoria St. I had the prawn spring rolls with vermicelli, it was good though this dish is standard so it's kinda the same everywhere. The Jackfruit smoothie was nice (got takeaway so no picture).

Service was good. Not too keen on returning as it was average, and there are better places on this strip, just not open later on a Fri/Saturday oddly.

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Spanish Donut is one of those quick grab and go places at Flinders, that exist because people are running late and don't have time for anything else, or it's late and everything else has closed. Because the entire area of very meh, save for the ice cream shop. So we had this in mind, but do like churros sometimes especially with a great deal via groupon, it was something like $5 for a coffee and 3 churros dip.

The Menu, they do hot dogs oddly too.

 11pm Offerings

The original churros with choc dips, sadly the dip was filled right to the top so there's no way I could have opened it without spilling it, so that went straight into the bin. The freshly fried churros were perfect with a dusting of powdered sugar. Cinnamon sugar would have been perfect.

Service was meh, I got what I wanted though, there was an incident but I used my magical powers of assertiveness and we brushed it off. Not keen on returning unless in the mood for churros, which is never. But deep fried and covered in chocolate, this is the place to find that.

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Sunday in Early March 2020

At the Ghibli x MSO Bowl event there were a bunch of food trucks, and among them an ice cream truck, with event specials! As it was Ghibli concert for an extra $6 you can get a half tennis ball chocolate dome. There were other offerings too, with the most popular sellers being salted caramel and redskin. I'm excited about getting redskin another time.

Fomo has us in a 20mins line, we got the first seconds one (free topper), which I'm totally fine with. 

The Menu

Salted caramel ice cream finished off with caramel crunch, 
salted caramel crispy pearls and fairy floss. $9 

Ignore the red, that's lipstick.

Behind the scene - what you don't know is that it was running down my arm and I was trying to balance and get the shot while standing at the very edge of the safety of the picnic rug (because hook worm). We got the salted caramel w honey cereal bits and Persian cotton candy $9. It was perfect. No regrets. I heard the week after they were doing a Pikachu special for Supernova. 

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